Battle for Zendikar Brews, pt. 7 – RG Landfall

The core is kind of a no-brainer with all the Landfall-creatures, but there’s more to this deck than that. Finding ways to use all the mana you have on table after triggering the Landfall numerous times has to be used in some way.

Anyhow, the basis for this deck are these two:


4 Scythe Leopard
4 Snapping Gnarlid
4 Makindi Sliderunner
4 Undergrowth Champion
2 Yasova Dragonclaw
4 Shaman of the Great Hunt
4 Woodland Wanderer
4 Wild Slash
3 Crater’s Claws
1 Radiant Flames
4 Cinder Glade
4 Windswept Heath
4 Wooded Foothills
4 Bloodstained Mire
1 Canopy Vista
1 Smoldering Marsh
4 Rugged Highlands
2 Forest
2 Mountain

I might play more [scryfall]Radiant Flame[/scryfall]s in this deck. Growing your team out of its reach and then having a one-sided sweep seems nice.

[scryfall]Woodland Wanderer[/scryfall] might be the breakout card of the set. It might not be as strong as [scryfall]Siege Rhino[/scryfall] most of the time, but it will be a 5/5 quite often.

I included both [scryfall]Yasova Dragonclaw[/scryfall] and [scryfall]Shaman of the Great Hunt[/scryfall] as manasinks, but they could be very strong. Removing blockers and drawing cards… What else do you need?

2 thoughts on “Battle for Zendikar Brews, pt. 7 – RG Landfall

  1. I’d also take out the [card]Rugged Highlands[/card], put in a few more basics or even [card]Evolving Wilds[/card].

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