It Must Be Winter

Living in Finland makes our yearly gaming cycle quite interesting. During summer we have lots of time but it spend mostly on other things at the cost of gaming. We tend to drift towards random gaming of oneshots, Magic and board games since the group we can get together is different each time.

But now it is winter and the time for campaigns.

It think that winter as the fuel of longer rpg campaigns comes with the free time that we had while we where studying. Evenings are dark, it’s usually freaking cold and the weather is bad. Not that we would take part to any outdoor activities anyway but at least during winter we have an excuse.Last thursday we had a celebration at my house. Little Christmas party so to speak. We tried out Zombie Dice and refreshed our experience with Carcassone (with way too many add-ons) and Ugg-Tect. Fun was had. We had planned to create characters for a new campaign of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (Second edition) but we kind of forgot all about it.

The dragon kept eating our farmers.

The dragon kept eating our farmers.

Nevertheless a new campaign with WFRP will begin hopefully before the end of this year. In the past we have played lengthy campaigns with it (and with other editions of WFRP as well). This time we will try to use the system more and I am planing on running the game as an adventure game.

With the Wayward Sons campaign still running I am planing on using a lot of pre-written material. I’ll be stealing bits and pieces from several published adventures to ease up my preparation for this game. In the past WFRP has taxed me a bit since I have always spend too much time on it. No more overly complicate campaign backgrounds for me, thank you very much. More honest swordsplay and beastman slaying with higher amounts of experience given. We might burn through this game fast but hopefully we have good time with it.

On the top of that I have promised to run the Edge of Empire beginner game. The mechanics interest me as they are supposedly derived from the WFRP third edition. So I have a quite a lot on my plate right now. It must be winter.

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