The One Year Anniversary of This Blog

One year ago today, I opened this blog by writing about Luis Scott-Vargas’s Commander Deck. I guess we’ve come far since than. With this being the 242nd post on this blog, at least we’ve manage to produce a lot of content.

To celebrate (and talk about the future of the blog) we went out to lunch today. There still seems to be a certain amount of entusiasm towards writing. More on that at the end of this post. Lauri said something along the lines that he was surprised the blog is still alive after a year.

Here’s some generic stuff about the blog some of you might be interested in:

First, I actually posted about these some time ago, so I won’t go into detail here, but here are some of the more interesting search terms people have used to find our blog.

did richard garfield get a demon possession
the secret magic group the guild
is a clit made of the same stuff as a bellend
wackiest commader deck
tactical seduction
demonic possession letters

Sadly, the system doesn’t show all terms, so I might have missed some great ones.

For those interested, here are the top five articles (based on views) in the blog:

Journey Into Nyx Prerelease Planning 2,118
The Clockwise Puzzle (Thief 2014) 636
Theros Block Constructed Deck Time: Monoblack 560
Magic 2015 Core Set Prerelease Planning 495
Born of the Gods Event Deck Review 442

Since that’s a bit lobsided in favor of MtG-articles, which seem to be the main way people find this blog, I’m also going to list the most read RPG-related articles.

Ropecon 2013: S/lay w/Me as essence of roleplaying 322
Start of a New WFRP Campaign 313
[Dungeon World] Building the first steading 257
Sailor at the Starless Pond 164
[Dungeon World] Temple of the Spider Lord 127

I guess the main difference here is that whereas MtG is a pretty mainstream game (among gamers, that is), our choices of RPGs are much more marginal in popular interest. We tend to stay from, or at least not write about, the bigger games. The way I see it (although I’m responsible for most of the MtG articles) is that by writing about the more obscure games (although I wouldn’t call these exactly obscure, but we’re not talking about PathFinder and Vampire here either) we are at least providing a service for a specific audience among gamers.

Something that might interest some of you:


Apparently writing in English pays off. Although, at the same time, writing in Finnish might attract a certain crowd as well. A lighter list of countries with exactly one hit:


Lastly, some articles (my own, to be precise) that haven’t received much attention, which I think should have garnered more. These are not necessarily the most insightful, or the best written of my stuff, but they do contain ideas I wish would be more universal.

Voting with Money
Opportunity Cost
Don’t Starve Review (although this one is pretty new and might therefore just require time)
RPGs and Wish Fulfillment
Delegating Your Workload as the GM

Right now, we seem to be all over place with the content, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Its what the Guild is about. Although there’s a core group of RPGers, there’s plenty of Magic players, board gamers, and digital players within the guild. Many (like myself) do all of these more or less regularly. We are not above other things nerdy either. We do have a category for Comics, even though it isn’t used much. I’m planning to do a list of my favorite movies here late next year.

The End of This Post

Here’s some coming attractions on this blog:

Of course RopeCon 2014, including my first experiences at Con GMing, bunch of photos, what happened with my scenario competition submission, and probably just a general report on whatever I happen to come across.

Ville is planning to commit to writing regularly. We talked about weekly articles, which would be a nice counterbalance to my neverending barrage of MtG-related articles.

Talking of MtG, I’m planning on continuing my series of Event Deck Reviews with Khans of Tarkir (there will be no M15 Event Deck), but I’ll be taking it a step further and making a project out of that deck. I’ll have strict rules on how I can evolve it, and I’ll report on the progress. Maybe It’ll culminate with a GP, but I can’t say for sure. It all depends on what the deck is like, do I like it, does it have potential, and so forth.

A Fiasco playset, or two.

… and of course the random ideas we get.

What would you like us to write about? We are open to ideas.

2 thoughts on “The One Year Anniversary of This Blog

  1. Would love to hear your analysis on the Apocalypse Engine game gm elements. Designing mysteries in tremulus, fronts in DW, building on the first session etc.

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