Aki Vs. Evil: Ready or Not

Let’s wash away the bad taste of Night of the Living Deb with something great. And yes, there might be many good to excellent horror comedies, but great ones are a rare breed indeed. This is easily one of them. It’s too soon to call it a classic even though I might want to. I guess I have to wait another 23 years to do so (although comedies tend to age poorly, so I can’t know if I would even feel this way in a couple of years – except that comedy usually ages poorly due to making fun of unprotected minorities, which I don’t expect rich people to reach any time soon).

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Aki Vs. Evil: Krampus – The Unlikely Christmas Classic

If you have an interest in movies in general, you should see this movie. Sure, it’s easy to see as pop culture trash, but it’s also masterful in it’s execution. Just the sound alone is an excellent example of how you really need to take that part of the movie into account, as so much of the mood is just purely built on that.

Now, I am not a big fan of Christmas. In fact, I do try to avoid family gatherings in general, but the importance put on Christmas just feels so awkward and unnecessary.

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