Casting Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel 2 (not that I think it’s actually happening)

So, Pre-Sequel, which I enjyoed much more than most, had six playable characters, who all have had roles in the other games. We had Athena, who was a major character in the General Knoxx DLC for the original Borderlands, we had Nisha and Wilhelm, Jack’s allies from Borderlands 2, and Fragtrap, the only remaining Claptrap as of Borderlands 2. Later, Aurelia and Timothy were added, who both feature in Borderlands 3. Based on this, who would I like to see if the pre-sequel would receive a sequel? (Which I don’t think it will, as it really was poorly received by the fans.) I’m not necessarily talking about something that happened between second and third games, but a spin-off.

Note that this isn’t about who I would think we’d see if such a thing came about, but rather who I would like to see again from BL3. If we are talking about who would be the frontrunners for this, there’d be someone from the Traunt family, Clay, Mouthpiece, Burton Briggs, Lorelei, Alkonost and Ember.

If we’d go back far enough and limit ourselves to the newest game, possibilities would include Typhon DeLeon, Mad Moxxi, Helena Pierce, many of the bandit lords from the first game.

I’m not saying I wouldn’t play the aforementioned characters, but these are the ones I would most like to see. Not that they had big enough role to give them enough meat to build a player character around, but still.


Who’s Vic? She’s the Vaughn’s former deputy bandit warlord (or something along those lines), who’s head you find in Ascension Bluff. After rescuing her, she gets a new body, but the head is still there. But she now has two heads. What does that enable? Don’t really know. You can’t really simulate two pairs of eyes like that, because players probably couldn’t really handle that kind of visual information overload, but you could come up with something. If nothing else, her class mods could be heads in containers. Otherwise, perhaps the second head can confuse enemies or just help with combat abilities.

DJ Midnight

Who’s DJ Midnight? She’s the DJ at the Lodge, the hub in the second DLC (I’m not even going to try to remember how to spell the name of the planet). She gives you one mission: go out and record noises for her mix. These include running over people with a car, howls of the local predators and the shriek of the local banshee (who actually seems quite friendly in her short appearance). She could maybe add knockback in the form of soundwaves to her attacks and maybe confuse with weird noises.

Agent Double Dee Seven

Who is Agent Double Dee Seven? She’s one of the Clay’s former associates, who is still infiltrating the Children of the Vault. Clay describes her as a master of disguise, traps and pole dancing. What he fails to mention is that Dee can also turn into a Goliath. While the Pole Dancer skill tree might be… interesting, the other two should be easy enough to come up with (if the old three tree options would still be in use).


Who is Dalton? He is the best gunsmith on Eden-6, whom you rescue after taking back Reliance. Well, we only meet him briefly and he doesn’t have many lines, but the interesting part here is his vocation. Someone in this world keeps on taking apart and rebuilding weapons (as they are often build from random seeming components), so why not build a character around that? How do you balance this? I have no idea. Especially since the probably end result would be that players use this guy just to build the weapons, while they actually play with the other characters.


Who is VR-0N1CA? She’s the Claptrap unit we help to build by gathering parts from around the galaxy. She is actually one of the more probable playable characters if there ever was a new spin-off. She seems better suited for this than Claptrap, who is basically comic relief. Her skill tree also basically writes itself. I mean, she can climb stairs, right. We can witness that within the game. Also, she is a Hyperion telecommunications bot, so maybe she could also do something boring like call on Loader Bots.

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