EDH Deck Time – Updating Kadena

Morphs are a favored archetype of mine. I just love them. The imbalance of information is fun for me. Sure, that also has a downside as that often means that you are the target.

Anyhow, before Kadena, it was hard to find a good commander for the deck. Sure, we had [scryfall]Ixidor, Reality Sculptor[/scryfall], but that definitely had limitations as a monocolored general. I was hoping for a Simic one, but they gave me a Sultai. As much as I like Sultai, I do wish they would limit the colors, as blue and green were the big morph colors on Tarkir, even if all colors had them.

Now, first, in order to get full advantage from Kadena, we need to make a few additions:

The thing is, Kadena says you get to play the first morph each turn without paying for it. With these, we can play one for free on each players turn. As we draw new cards from each, we can keep this cycle going.

This does mean more morphs would be appreciated as well.

Okay, some of these aren’t very good, but the fact there’s more of them is important anyhow. This does mean that we need to lose some utility cards from the deck. Gladly, there’s some easy cuts, because they don’t really fit the theme.

Note that [scryfall]Write into Being[/scryfall] and [scryfall]Jeskai Infiltrator[/scryfall] are more like personal favorites than anything else. The latter might also be little weak in certain metas.

These include [scryfall]Volrath, the Shapestealer[/scryfall], [scryfall]Rayami, First of the Fallen[/scryfall], [scryfall]Grismold, the Dreadsower[/scryfall], [scryfall]Sudden Substitution[/scryfall], [scryfall]Thought Sponge[/scryfall], [scryfall]Gift of Doom[/scryfall], [scryfall]Apex Altisaur[/scryfall], [scryfall]Overwhelming Stampede[/scryfall], [scryfall]Road of Return[/scryfall], [scryfall]Biomass Mutation[/scryfall], [scryfall]Leadership Vacuum[/scryfall], [scryfall]Tezzeret’s Gambit[/scryfall], [scryfall]Scaretiller[/scryfall], [scryfall]Voice of Many[/scryfall] and [scryfall]Mire in Misery[/scryfall].

Actually, this does leave us with a couple of more spots. Now, since Kadena is a four drop, what I want is two spells to ramp on turn two. Since [scryfall]Farseek[/scryfall] is already in the deck, this means we have two options left: [scryfall]Nature’s Lore[/scryfall] and [scryfall]Rampant Growth[/scryfall]. The first is generally better, but we can use both.

The inclusion of [scryfall]Nature’s Lore[/scryfall] and [scryfall]Farseek[/scryfall] also encourage certain changes to the manabase, namely fetchable lands:

Just don’t take out the basic lands, because you need some of them in the deck. Rather, replace some of the slower duals. You could also go for the original duals, if you happen to have any.

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