Guilds of Ravnica Brews, pt. 6 – Monoblack Aggro

We already had quite enough 1-drops to make this work (at least a bit), so maybe…

The problem is more with the 2-drops, but Guilds does give this deck some long game… and [scryfall]Dead Weight[/scryfall]. Granted, it’s no [scryfall]Fatal Push[/scryfall], but cheap removal is extremely important in a deck like this, especially since you have no usable discard.

4 Diregraf Ghoul
4 Grasping Scoundrel
4 Vicious Conquistador
4 Dire Fleet Poisoner
4 Fathom Fleet Captain
4 Graveyard Marshal
4 Midnight Reaper
4 Ruin Raider
4 Dead Weight
4 Cast Down
20 Swamp

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