New Year’s Resolutions, Quarterly Report

Since I made these, I might as well look at where I’m at.

Since I’m a bit weird, right after writing those resolutions, I began to think about whether it would be better to fail comedically miserably or be dramatic about it and fail just a little. I decided I don’t really care that much, so I’ll just make a proper attempt.

Magic: the Gathering: Reaching PwP level 30

I’ve gathered 271 points of the 447 required to take me from level 25 to 30. By the end of the year, I’ll probably think this was laughably low goal. If I decide to do this next year, I’ll come up with a different approach.

Magic: the Gathering: Vikings

Current total is 119 cards out of 229, so over halfway through. On the other hand, I already had about 70 when I made this resolution, so I’m not really on schedule with this. Also, there’s plenty of cards I’ll probably cut before I’m through, so there’s lots of work here.

I have had some very neat card ideas, but I still feel like some of the major themes are not coming through on the design. Of course, simple things like naming the cards will help. Also, I have quite a few things I’d like to put on a card, but haven’t found a way yet.

Magic: the Gathering: EDH Software

I haven’t done anything regarding this one, except for reading through MCMs API, which allows me to manage buylists from my software, if I ever get to it.

Role-Playing Games: Con-GMing

Nothing has happened regarding this.

Role-Playing Games: GMing in General

I managed to run one game of tremulus during the first quarter, so I’m behind. I’ll have to pick up my pace or rely on running enough games in a Con.


Well… I’ve played some, but not enough. Its sometimes hard to find the time and the group to play. At least I finally got to play the newest iteration of Civilization, which has been sitting in my shelf for quite some time. On the other hand, I messed up some rules…

Non-Gaming: Reading

I decided I wouldn’t want to do this halfway, so I decided I’d read the only work of fiction in my bookshelf I hadn’t read. That would be Crime and Punishment. I’ve managed to read through about a dozen pages. Lots to read further on. Maybe I should’ve just read some 200 page modern novel and be done with this. Picking up reading fiction again after a pretty long absence feels hard. The non-fiction just seems to draw me.

Actually, even attempting this was probably a bad idea. Since I started to read the book, I haven’t managed to do much of any reading as I feel obliged to read Crime and Punishment, but at the same time, I find excuses to avoid that, which leads me to surf the net, or watch a movie instead of reading.

This weekend I just forgot the Crime and Punishment as I was leaving for a short trip (to Helsinki to take part in a MtG Pro Tour Qualifier), so I took another book instead, again nonfiction.

Non-Gaming: 7000 Artists in My Last.FM Library

This was actually done quite quickly. Mostly because I’ve been listening to a lot of semi-random playlists on Spotify. My current count is 7309. My favorite new artist this year is probably Iron Chic, or at least their album The Constant One. A good, old-fashioned rock album, with crude humor. Another artist I’ve been listening alot lately is Gesaffelstein, who is apparently a French artist despite the name and style, which both sound very German to me. Also, apparently, he has released a bunch of albums in the past five or so years, but only one of them – Aleph – is available on Spotify.

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