EDH Deck Time: Yargle

Yargle, Glutton of Urborg is an interesting case. MaRo has communicated to us that it’s more or less a joke. Something they put in Dominaria just to have vanilla legend in there.

However, it is quite unique. How many legendary creatures with such a high power with that mana do you have? Actually, only one bests our little frog spirit: Lord of Tresserhorn

What does this mean? It means that this creature, who is for some weird reason a spirit, not a horror or demon, is at least a potential Voltron Commander, meaning that we want to push it through to deal enough commander damage to win games. Is it going to be good? Probably not, but that hasn’t stopped me before.

Note that I do realize I should be playing cards like Hatred and Tainted Strike if I were to try to make this as strong as possible, but that is not my objective.

So, we need to give it some evasion and a little bit of power (to be able to deal enough damage in two hits). We’ll rely heavily on equipment to do this, so let’s start with those that give evasion and other things we might want here, such as haste and extra power:

There’s probably a bunch more things we might use here, but let’s not overdo it.

We also need a bunch of mana, since we basically need to hit five early each game. So, plenty of lands and some other ways to make sure we don’t miss the target.

Liliana has a dual purpose here, because she can also just end games with the minus ability. The creatures are also a nice protection from certain sacrifice effects, if you see them in your meta.

So, supposing we can count these as mana sources, of sorts, and we want 50 total sources, we can play these and 39 lands. We already have one in the list previously, so that leaves us room for 38 more, but we’ll get back to those later. Yes, we’ll need this much mana with all the equipment we have. We just have to figure out other ways ot use that mana as well.

What else do we need? Weapons to go with all the other stuff Yargle is carrying.

Let’s not overdo it, so these should be fine. With 50 mana sources and 21 other artifacts, this leaves us with room for 28 other cards. These should be removal, card draw and maybe a few other creatures. Let’s start with the extra bodies.

Some card draw:

Three of these are there to smooth out draws early. Costly Plunder is there in case we need to sacrifice our commander if it get’s hit with an enchantment that takes away it’s ability to attack. Just a little hedging.

One problem with the deck is that we are heavily relient on artifacts, so I would like to stay away from enchantment based draw. They are just too slow and easily broken. One Bane of Progress already wrecks us. Therefore, I’ll use these draw spells for later game.

Finally, removal and a bit of other disruption. I’ll emphasize bodies here a bit, since we do have all that equipment that needs someone to carry it. However, due to the multiplayer nature of the format, instant speed removal definitely has it’s strengths, so I’ll put in some of that as well. I also want ot be able to disrupt graveyards, so I’ll put in some of that.

I guess we’ll still need some lands, so of course mostly Swamps. I’d probably play these as well:

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