The Event Deck Project, Test Run with the First Changes

So, I made some changes to the Ultimate Sacrifice Event Deck and went to another test run with it.

In case you are new here, here’s the earlier articles on the subject:

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Actually, I didn’t go with that 75, so here’s the list I ran:

Round One: Abzan Hardened Scales

I lost the first game to an Undergrowth Champion with protection from black and a huge Managorger Hydra. Second game I won pretty easily by getting my engine going and the third game was very close and I had to make an attack where pretty much any removal spell would have ended me, but gladly I was able to use Rogue’s Passage to push through enough damage.

I sided in Caustic Caterpillars, Ultimate Prices and Merciless Executioner, although the last one was probably a mistake, but I didn’t see Hangarback Walker in the first game and I just didn’t think about it while sideboarding. I boarded out Corpsewefts, From Beyond and Blisterpods.

Admittedly, my opponents deck wasn’t quite optimal either. It didn’t feature sideways fixing at all and it was playing Drana, Liberator of Malakir with probably a pretty low count of black mana sources. Getting both Undergrowth Champion and Drana to work properly in the same deck with a third color isn’t easy.

2 – 1 for the match, 1 – 0 overall

Round 2: Mardu Dragons

Admittedly I lost this because I played poorly. I also judged the event and was thus paying attention to things outside of our match, which lead to me making a crucial mistake in the second game (after winning the first one) which cost me the game. Same thing happened in the third game, although that was just stupid. I could have attacked his Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker, but attacked him instead, which meant he could attack me for 12 with the Sarkhan and Kolaghan, Storm’s Fury, which I knew about.

1 – 2 for the match, 1 – 1 overall

Round 4: Wu Weenie

A bunch of low drops from white and Dragonlord Ojutai to finish the opponent off. I lost the first game because I couldn’t get to the very important third mana (as you can see, the mana curve is a bit off and very focused on that part).

The next two games I was simply able to get my engine going and he didn’t stand a chance. Especially the third game was mine, when I was able to get From Beyond going and eventually just drained him out without attacking once.

2 – 1 for the match, 2 – 1 overall

Round 4: Temur

Again, lost the first game to mana screw, but its just so hard to take a mulligan with a two land hand. Still, managed to get the other two games, although the third game was very close when my opponent cast a 6/6 Woodland Wanderer on turn three and again on the next turn. Still, he didn’t have much removal in his deck, so a topdecked Nantuko Husk was able to save me.

2 – 1 for the match, 3 – 1 overall


Putting the Corpsewefts into the main deck wasn’t a good idea. Seemed clunky, although I could still see playing on in the main and another in the sideboard. Against any control or attrition based decks, its very strong.

Also, if you can get Hangarback Walkers, get them. I probably can’t within the context of this experiment, unless I manage to rip something really good from boosters won with this deck.

At this point, I’d cut the Corpsewefts from main deck and replace them with Ultimate Price, which is very strong in our meta. Otherwise I’d look into lowering the curve somewhat. Maybe put the fourth Blisterpod back in or try to get some more Bloodsoaked Champions. I’ll probably cut From Beyond to make room. I’d also rather use Sultai Emissary than Carrier Thrull, but I just didn’t have extra ones.

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