Brawl Deck Time: Angrath Pirates

As you have probably heard, since you’re here, WotC announced a new format today. It’s known as Brawl. If you didn’t hear about, you can find it here. Basically 60 card Commander with Standard legal cards, 30 starting life and some rules they apparently haven’t really thought through on when the commander goes to the Command Zone.

I do foresee problems in this format. How many duals are there per color pair? Three, tops? You can add Aether Hub and Evolving Wilds, but as someone who usually starts brewing at the beginning of each Standard season by figuring out what the manabase can handle, this doesn’t seem very fertile ground for decks with more than two colors. Not that there are currently even that many Commanders with three colors. Five, in total, and they are only in two color combinations, Grixis and Naya.

So, Angrath, the Flame-Chained. Why? Because it says “each opponent” on the first ability. That should go pretty far in this format, if you haven’t being killed yet. What can we use for the mana?

Aether HubCanyon SloughCinder BarrensDragonskull SummitEvolving Wilds
Field of Ruin

I won’t go as far as to use something like Unknown Shores. I have some dignity. Of course, we have some artifacts that do help here.

Renegade MapThaumatic CompassTraveler’s Amulet

Throw in nine of each Swamp and Mountain and we’re good to go. Not really, in the color requirement sort of way, but this is probably the best we can do. I just have to stay away from things like Gifted Aetherborn and maybe it will work out.

So, I’ve named the deck Angrath Pirates, without actually thinking too much about it, so let’s take a look at what pirate cards we have available in these colors.

Glint-Sleeve SiphonerCaptain Lannery StormCaptivating CrewDeadeye TrackerDire Fleet Captain
Dire Fleet DaredevilDire Fleet HoarderDire Fleet NeckbreakerDire Fleet PoisonerDire Fleet Ravager
Fathom Fleet CaptainFathom Fleet FirebrandForerunner of the CoalitionGoblin TrailblazerKari Zev, Skyship Raider
Kitesail FreebooterLightning-Rig CrewRuin RaiderRuthless KnaveStorm Fleet Swashbuckler
Metallic Mimic

Yes, the Siphoner is an honorary pirate. You can quote me on this. There might not be enough to actually warrant a pirate strategy, but I’m not willing to stretch the definition of playability just to get very subpar creatures into the deck, when I don’t even have very strong synergies.

Still, there’s enough of them to warrant using other pirate related cards, such as…

Fiery CannonadeMarch of the Drowned

That leaves room for just nine more cards. Now, since we have plenty of lands, I’ll put in some manasinks and other strong cards that can help is in the end game.

GlorybringerThe Scorpion GodBontu the GlorifiedHazoret the FerventArguel’s Blood Fast
Treasure MapLiliana, Death’s MajestyChandra, Torch of DefianceRekindling Phoenix

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