Rivals of Ixalan Brews, pt. 4 – Monogreen Ramp

[scryfall]Ghalta, Primal Hunger[/scryfall] was spoiled early (or was it leaked, not sure, it was shown to be a promo card of some sort anyhow). It has kind of a unique bonus, if you ramp through creatures, so let’s see what we can come up.

The problem with ramp right now is that it’s really hard to find good ramp targets. We have plenty of fair to good two mana ramp creatures, but those four-drops remain quite elusive. (I’m not counting [scryfall]Bristling Hydra[/scryfall] here, because we are not going for an energy deck here).

We even have a couple of fair to good three mana elves as well.

We won’t be playing all of these (no [scryfall]Druid of the Cowl[/scryfall] or [scryfall]Naga Vitalist[/scryfall] here), but we’ll see what we can come up with here.

So, how about this: We play [scryfall]Channeler Initiate[/scryfall] on two, Rishkar on turn three, giving both your creatures a counter, and then we can play Ghalta on the next turn. (Initiate starts with power 0, but has three after you use it twice and give it a counter with Rishkar, Rishkar has two plus one from the counter, so both of them can produce one mana and together they pay for six of the cost, leaving you to pay four, which is the number of lands you should have at that point.) Kind of a Magical Christmas Wonderland scenario, but not that far-fetched.

Here’s another way to do it: Turn two [scryfall]Drover of the Mighty[/scryfall] into turn three… I don’t know.. [scryfall]Ripjaw Raptor[/scryfall] into turn four Ghalta.

Are we all in? Fuck, yes. In the first tests, you should definitely always be all in. Then you can start to think about different matchups and how you’ll streamline your deck against those.

2 Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter
4 Channeler Initiate
4 Drover of the Mighty
4 Servant of the Conduit
4 Rishkar, Peema Renegade
4 Ripjaw Raptor
2 Vizier of the Menagerie
4 Crocodile of the Crossing
4 Carnage Tyrant
4 Ghalta, Primal Hunger
24 Forest

Admittedly, we could be a little more creative with the manabase, but that’s going to work pretty well. There is a bunch of Deserts that would definitely be good here, but on the other hand, Ghalta and [scryfall]Carnage Tyrant[/scryfall] already have Trample, so it’s not that important.

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