Vikings: Whaling

Another interesting, but problematic concept. Vikings whaled. They had at least two methods. First, they scared the whales into the shallow waters of the fjords, where they could easily get the whale. Second, they just went out to sea and threw enough spears on a whale to kill it. This would usually take time, so they would just wait for the whale to beach itself and claim their share based on the spears, which would be marked as theirs.

Obviously, since the game only has a very limited number of whales (currently four), we can’t just have a creature that kills whales, unless we put plenty of whales into this set. That probably won’t happen. It will have one or two, but it won’t be a big theme, just to bring some flavor and justify whalers in the set. I already wrote about Transient Orca card, so there’s one, although I’m pretty sure they aren’t generally whaled (although other dolphins definitely were).

Whaling should probably at least resemble fighting. It doesn’t have to be that exactly, but that would bring the risks involved into forefront. If it is fighting, it has to be green or red, since fighting belongs to those two colors. Also, they are the enemy colors of blue, so that works out well.

Therefore, I’m thinking of a sideboard card. Probably only for limited, but you never know. I’m thinking [scryfall]Ulvenwald Tracker[/scryfall] with a different slant. Green isn’t really the color of organization (that would be white), but the whole enterprise is based on having large groups of people in a coordinated attack. So, I’m thinking the card should be something like this:

Whaling Expedition G
Creature – Human Scout, Uncommon
T: Whaling Expedition and any number of another target creatures you control deal their power in damage to target blue creature. That creature deals its power in damage to any one of these creatures.

Very straightforward. You can freely kill blue creatures, if you enough creatures of your own… and you can keep him on the battlefield.

It should be noted that the attacked creature doesn’t target. This should probably be worded differently, but I just wanted to give the blue creatures controller an out in certain situations, so he can feel he is playing well. Not often, but every once in a while.

Still, in most formats its quite a narrow functionality. Blue creatures aren’t generally very popular, as they do have the highest casting cost compared to P/T. And despite monoblue aggro deck winning the recent Pro Tour, mostly they are hardly seen. Even decks based on them, such as most [scryfall]Delver of Secrets[/scryfall] decks, are usually light on creatures.

But in limited, this guy could be great, if there’s a good environment.

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