EDH Deck Time: Bontu

This might be a bit generic, because there’s already quite a few sac-centric decks, but at least its monoblack, so lets try this out.

What should we do with this? I’m thinking we want to do a lot of damage early and then grind out the rest with time. This might not be the best tactic in EDH, but it’ll have to do for now. Note that I’m not trying to do the most explosive deck here. Instead, I’m trying to come up with something that can win in a fairly casual environment. I’m light in removal and card draw intentionally.

First, Bontu’s own sac ability is pretty good, but I don’t think its good enough in many cases, especially with the mana cost, so let’s bring in a bunch of saccers.

Altar’s ReapAttritionBarter in BloodCrypt CreeperDisciple of Bolas
Innocent BloodSadistic HypnotistShriekmawViscera SeerBurnished Hart
Champion of Stray SoulsMagus of the AbyssQarsi High PriestBlood-Chin FanaticGhoulcaller Gisa

Next, recursive creatures or spells that give you several creatures:

Army of the DamnedEndrek Sahr, Master BreederExsanguinateGravecrawlerNether Traitor
Reassembling SkeletonBloodghastSyphon FleshEpochrasiteOphiomancer
Bloodsoaked ChampionDread WandererDespoiler of SoulsFrom Under the FloorboardsEndless Cockroaches

Might be a few too many, but we’ll see. After that, some other creatures we don’t really mind sacrificing:

Big Game HunterCorpse DanceGatekeeper of MalakirKokusho, the Evening StarNekrataal
Withered WretchPilgrim’s EyeSolemn SimulacrumLiliana’s Specter

We also need some ways to gain benefit from all those creaturs dying:

Blood ArtistButcher of MalakirFalkenrath NobleGrave PactSkirsdag High Priest
Grim HaruspexLiliana, Heretical HealerShadows of the PastDictate of ErebosZulaport Cutthroat

Finally… well, finally in the sense of remaining in theme, some ways to syphon away that life.

Suffer the PastUrborg Syphon-MageGray Merchant of AsphodelServant of TymaretOb Nixilis of the Black Oath
Palace SiegeBontu’s Monument

Some utility:

CremateDamnationAshes to Ashes

… and actually finally some lands

Bojuka BogThawing GlaciersVolrath’s Stronghold

As well as 37 Swamps. We could have more utility lands, but this is fine.

2 thoughts on “EDH Deck Time: Bontu

  1. Just throwing this out there, but Bontu’s synergy with Spreading Plague, Pestilence, and Last Laugh is definitely something worth noting. Spreading Plague offers some counterplay to token decks, Last Laugh gives you some extra bang for your buck, and Pestilence allows you to control the state of the board during low points. Just mind your life total, and don’t let your own cards outplay you!

  2. Sounds good. I love the synergy there. I wasn’t even familiar with Last Laugh, or maybe I just didn’t remember it, because I’ve never thought of a use for it, but that’s great.

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