Amonkhet Brews, pt. 2 – GR Madness

Actually, not maybe quite as much Madness as simply just discarding stuff. And a red aggro deck, with a side of green.

Take this with a grain of salt big enough to take a few years off of your life, but here goes… How about [scryfall]Noose Constrictor[/scryfall]?

4 Flameblade Adept
4 Bomat Courier
4 Lupine Prototype
4 Noose Constrictor
2 Ahn-Crop Crasher
2 Manglehorn
4 Hazoret the Fervent
2 Wolf of Devil’s Breach
4 Lightning Axe
4 Fiery Temper
2 Nahiri’s Wrath
4 Game Trail
4 Cinder Glade
4 Sheltered Thicket
4 Forest
8 Mountain

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