Eldritch Moon Brews, pt. 5 – BR Vampires! Finally? Please?

Would Lupine Prototype be good here? Maaaaybe, but I’ll go for straight-up Vampire anyhow.


There’s already four rare options, although Voldaren Pariah seems more like a sideboard card (for another deck, even).

There’s already plenty of strong options, so maybe you could get this to work, although tokens are clearly still going to be a problem. It would seem this deck might be reaaally strong in a year or so, when those tokens are finally gone.

Honestly, this might be pretty bad, since its missing the best vampires, such as Heir of Falkenrath, Bloodmad Vampire, Incorrigible Youth and even Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet. Honestly, I’m just going to buy all the cards and wait for someone else to figure it out.

(Which they hopefully get done before the RPTQ, where I’m going to really need a deck.)

2 thoughts on “Eldritch Moon Brews, pt. 5 – BR Vampires! Finally? Please?

  1. I was thinking about something like this:
    // Lands (23)
    4 Smoldering Marsh
    4 Foreboding Ruins
    7 Mountain
    7 Swamp
    1 Blighted fen

    // Creatures (25)
    // 1-drop (4)
    4 Falkenrath Gorger

    // 2-drop (12)
    4 Heir of Falkenrath
    4 Olivia’s Bloodsworn
    4 Stromkirk condemned

    // 3-drop (6)
    2 Drana, Liberator of Malakir
    2 Olivia, Mobilized for War
    2 Stromkirk Occultist

    // 4-drop (2)
    2 Bloodhall priest

    //5-drop (1)
    1 Voldaren Pariah

    // Spells (14)
    4 Fiery Temper
    3 Exquisite Firecraft
    3 Incendiary flow
    2 Collective Brutality
    2 Stensia Masquerade

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