EDH Deck Time: The Gitrog Monster

In case you haven’t seen it, this was spoiled today:


Seems like it was designed to be flavorful and possibly a bomb in limited, but my EDH sense is tingling here.

Note that this isn’t some strong, well thought-out design. This is more about me brainstorming ideas. I didn’t put much thought into curve considerations or being able to answer everything. Just a bunch of cards that have some synergy with the Toad, but there’s actually plenty of things to do in order to trigger the last ability.

Also note that I’ve used my own collection here, so the list is missing things like Wasteland, Misty Rainforest and other more expensive cards. If you have them, feel free to add them. (The list does include Liliana of the Veil, though.)

First Things First

Replaying lands is good with the Toad. Here’s three good ones:

Life from the LoamCrucible of WorldsTitania, Protector of ArgothGroundskeeper

Life from the Loam is especially good, because the Dredge ability enables triggering the card draw as well. Titania gives us another reason to sacrifice our own lands.

Fetching seems good…

Polluted DeltaBloodstained MireWooded FoothillsWindswept HeathTerramorphic Expanse
Evolving WildsMyriad Landscape

Even if we’ve run out of targets, just saccing them is good.

Then, there’s all the lands that can be used to destroy lands. I don’t usually use these, as they aren’t very casual, but with the added benefit from the Toad, I can’t just ignore them.

Strip MineDust BowlEncroaching WastesGhost QuarterTectonic Edge

The Toad Needs Food

First, Harrow.


Then there’s the usual suspects…

CultivateKodama’s ReachExplosive VegetationPeregrinationRanger’s Path
Nissa’s PilgrimageSkyshroud Claim

There’s several ways of continually finding new lands.

Thawing GlaciersExplorer’s ScopeJourneyer’s KiteLiliana of the Dark Realms

If we are drawing plenty of cards and in case our Toad dies, playing extra lands can be nice, so, let’s go exploring.

ExplorationExploreAzusa, Lost but SeekingBurgeoning

Cycling lands would seem to have a great double role here:

Barren MoorBlasted LandscapePolluted MireSlippery KarstTranquil Thicket

Creatures Tend to Die, Sometimes They Are Also Lands

There’s plenty of ways green can make lands into creatures and with Awaken, black can do it as well. Not in very many ways, but still. Here’s some ideas:

Nissa, WorldwakerRuinous PathVerdant TouchWoodwraith CorrupterLiege of the Tangle
Embodiment of InsightHissing Quagmire

With all these effects, Sylvan Advocate is probably pretty good.

Sylvan Advocate

Making Costs Work for Us

We need some sacrifice outlets:

Death CloudWorld BreakerSylvan Safekeeper

Discarding cards is nice as well:

Liliana of the VeilRaven’s CrimeWorm HarvestDark DealDelirium Skeins
Demonic CollusionGreenseekerMacabre WaltzMindslicerNecrogen Mists
OppressionPack RatStronghold RatsUrborg Syphon-MageWild Mongrel
Call the BloodlineSinister Concoction

I think that’s enough…

Some self-mill works as well.

Drown in FilthGrisly SalvageDeadbridge ChantNecroplasmNyx Weaver
Rot Farm SkeletonStinkweed ImpSudden Reclamation

Bringing It All Together

The last thing we need is something to win with. I’m not quite sure what this should be, but big, efficient bodies would seem to be what we need. So, how about these:

Polukranos, World EaterRune-Scarred DemonLord of Extinction

That leaves us plenty of room for lands.

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