Historic Brews

This seems to have largely flown under the radar, but yesterday WotC gave us a list of cards which are going to be added to Magic Arena a week from now for the Historic format. The cards are:

Serra AscendantSoul WardenKinsbaile CavalierTreasure HuntDistant Melody
CryptbreakerHypnotic SpecterPhyrexian ArenaTendrils of CorruptionKiln Fiend
Goblin MatronHidetsugu’s Second RiteElvish VisionaryFauna ShamanImperious Perfect
Burning-Tree EmissaryCaptain SisayOrnithopterMind StoneDarksteel Reactor

It’s easy to see what they are going for here. At least in many cases. I don’t really know about the Hidetsugu’s Second Rite, but you can see what they are trying to enable here (although I wish they would stop the artifact shenanigans, finally).

Let’s start with Goblins. We have some excellent combo pieces available to us already, but adding Goblin Matron gives the deck consistency (which I wish they would stop doing as well).

This could be built quite differently, as we have plenty of interesting cards at three mana, but to keep the curve low, this is what I was thinking.

Hey, we also get Cryptbreaker which feels like a basis for a Zombie deck to me.

A little less obvious addition is Distant Melody. I don’t Elementals need help like this, but maybe Merfolk do.

You have to be careful with the manabase here, as Temple of Mystery and Hinterland Harbor are not friends.

Knight are pretty strong right now, so perhaps there’s something there as well.

The manabase is… awkward. Maybe cut a color?

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