Atarka Red Brew

A week back Josh Utter-Leyton made 9th place at the MOCS (Magic Online Championship Series) with a different take on Atarka Red. This started me thinking.

Here’s his list:

The thing is, I like the transformative sideboard much more, so the first version of the mainboard would look like this:

The problem is that around where I play, both Virulent Plague and Hallowed Moonlight are very prevalent sideboard options, so this approach might not work out that well, which would mean the deck requires a transformational sideboard of its own, but also I’d like to try out a few cards in the main.

Since its seems tokens are going to be a thing, being able to run them over is going to be important. One way to do that is trample. So, perhaps Kolaghan Forerunners. One of those might be a good idea. You can’t really play too many of them. So, maybe one. Maybe even splash for black to bring in mama herself, Kolaghan, the Storm’s Fury, so perhaps try out this:

… but maybe not, even if I do like her majesty very much.

Still, I would need a the sideboard for the first version. The problem is that there might be too many cards you need to take out. After all, the sideboard can only handle 15 cards. But, hey, we can try something.

The point of the Vaultbreakers and the Tormenting Voice is to get rid of the cards you can’t side out.

I don’t think this is going to be good, but its something I would like to try out.

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