Building My Own Cube, pt. 4 – Mogis

What’s the approach here, then? I want to attack the life total, preferably consistently. I’m not putting all the best burn in my cube, but I can put some second rate ones in. Well, second rate meaning anything below [scryfall]Lightning Bolt[/scryfall]. The question still remains. How far do I want to go with this?

Mogis’s Two-Colored Cards

[scryfall]Ashenmoor Liege[/scryfall] feels like something I’d like to do, but the problem here is the mana cost and the amount of Devotion it gives, which might make it overpowered. Maybe try it out and see.

[scryfall]Blazing Hellhound[/scryfall] might be too good against some other decks in this cube, but its also a consideration.

[scryfall]Blightning[/scryfall] would probably do some good work in this deck.

I love [scryfall]Carnage Gladiator[/scryfall]. Its in.

[scryfall]Havoc Festival[/scryfall] is kind of tempting.

[scryfall]Hellhole Flailer[/scryfall] is a card I liked back in the day, and it can do exactly what I need for this deck, without being oppressive.

[scryfall]Nightfire Giant[/scryfall]? Seems too slow for a cube.

[scryfall]Rix Maadi Guildmage[/scryfall] and [scryfall]Spiteflame Witch[/scryfall] do similar things. I think the Mage gets the nod.

I have positive memories of [scryfall]Tymaret, the Murder King[/scryfall] after playing it somewhat successfully in a BR Warrior deck last year. This makes me want to put him in, but I shouldn’t let that guide me too much. At the same time, it is quite good and there are some synergies with it.



[scryfall]Vampire Lacerator[/scryfall] isn’t immediately blanked in this cube, so you can get some early beats in.

[scryfall]Palace Siege[/scryfall] has the life drain ability. The other mode also works well with attrition games. I’m not quite sure I want this in my cube, however. It isn’t very fun to play against.

[scryfall]Gray Merchant of Asphodel[/scryfall] feels kind of risky to put in, but maybe.

[scryfall]Dictate of Erebos[/scryfall] would fit the theme of the cube and would be nice way to attrition the opponent.

[scryfall]Hired Torturer[/scryfall] isn’t the greatest card, but I’m putting it in just because I like the design.

[scryfall]Remorseless Punishment[/scryfall] has been used against me multiple times and with little effect, but with Mogis, it might actually be a good card.

[scryfall]Servant of Tymaret[/scryfall] seems like its a flavorful addition, but I’ve found it to be very good. Good enough? Probably not.

[scryfall]Wound Reflection[/scryfall]? Too much?

Well, that’s exactly eight cards right there. Feels a bit iffy, but we’ll go with that at this point.


Again, we want to be attacking opponent’s life total, but we don’t want to be too good in that department. Some of these will be highly contested, because other red players will want them as well, which should balance it out.

[scryfall]Crater’s Claws[/scryfall] is a fine spell. It doesn’t have too much support, but there are going to be some creatures that enable it.

[scryfall]Thunderbreak Regent[/scryfall] might be too powerful, but feels like a nice addition here. Again, if it is too powerful, it will be highly contested, which should balance it out. [scryfall]Ashcloud Phoenix[/scryfall] is in the same camp.

[scryfall]Arc Blade[/scryfall] brings a different kind of pressure to the game.

[scryfall]Ashling the Pilgrim[/scryfall] seems like another good, different card.

How about the good, ol’ [scryfall]Ball Lightning[/scryfall]? Yes. I’m going to try it out. The temporary Devotion seems like a fun effect as well.

[scryfall]Brimstone Volley[/scryfall] seems pretty powerful, but I’ll take it.

[scryfall]Browbeat[/scryfall] is another card that isn’t generally very good, but here it might work.

[scryfall]Burst Lightning[/scryfall] is apparently Modern playable, but doesn’t seem like it, so its a good candidate here.

[scryfall]Skullcrack[/scryfall] just in case anyone should want more life.

Well, there’s so many ways to deal damage to your opponents in red, that this list is enough. The list:

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