EDH Deck Time: Brokkos

Recently I returned to the actual world of Commander after a hiatus of couple of years. After such a long time, what do you play? It’s sort of a special occasion and I also knew I wouldn’t be playing any more actively in the near future, so I knew I had to do something I would find especially enjoyable.

So, I went top-down. Well, most Commander decks are very much top-down with either the Commander itself or a tribal theme or something to similar to work down from. However, I decided to use a theme very specific to me: The art on my walls.

Granted, I also have [scryfall]Falkenrath Aristocrat[/scryfall], but years ago I made the decision not to play red (or white) in Commander, so that was not an option. But that leaves me with three cards, which push me into Sultai. Any particular synergy with these is not obvious, but [scryfall]Fathom Feeder[/scryfall] has deathtouch, Vraska produced tokens with menace and Liliana can recur creatures, so mutate it is.

This does leave us with two options for the Commander, but just for the sake of being less obvious, I went with Brokkos instead of Otrimi.

I didn’t really know what kind of an environment I was stepping into, as I didn’t know most of the players, but I decided to stay on the side of value instead of combo, which is what I often do anyhow.

Obviously, I’ll start with a bunch of creatures that mutate. Brokkos isn’t necessarily that good with other mutators, but they work well with our top-down three cards.

These are not all at their best in this particular format, but simply being able to stack them is going to be good. While tempo isn’t always good, it seemed to work here.

Next, some creatures to mutate on.

The idea here is to have a lot of value, so that I’m not behind (that much) if something happens to my mutate stack.

I seem to play more one-for-one interaction than most, but it always seems good, despite the mathematical implications.

I like to play planeswalkers, even if they are generally not that good in the format, but in general, they do produce some value. Also, they just fit my playstyle.

Finally, some janky value.

I was also going to play [scryfall]Emergent Ultimatum[/scryfall], but it just didn’t feel good in this deck, so at the last minute I changed that into an alternate wincon in [scryfall]The Scarab God[/scryfall].

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