Khans of Tarkir Brews, pt. 5 – Control

Control is a relative term. We’re not going full UW No Wincons in the main deck Control here. Just decks that will rarely or ever take the beatdown role in.

Monoblack Devotion


Of course, the scourge of standard for the last year is going to be gone with Pack Rat, Desecration Demon, and Underworld Connections, but enterprising individuals made it work in Theros, so why not in standard, again. At least we’ll have more cards to work with. We’ll just have to figure out which.

We’ll, for one thing, we have Empty the Pits as the wincon. If we have enough sources for devotion, we don’t need to rely on the delve alone, we can use Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx to make a few zombies.

Sultai Control

With all the scrying around, there’s a strong chance that unlike in the previous Standard, the way to go is card selection, not necessarily card draw. Sure, you still need enough lands, but not as many as before. Also, you can put plenty of stuff into your graveyard to pay for other stuff.

We’re pretty much just splashing green here for Sultai Ascendancy and Kiora, the Crashing Wave, but having access to green also gives us access to plenty of enchantment removal if that comes up, or maybe even some fatty, such as Sagu Mauler, which would be quite a surprise.

UW Control

Why not? Its a classic… Its just that now we have to a little more creative with the list then previously.

This deck want be quite as formidable as those of the previous standard, but on the other hand, all decks want be ready for it either.

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