Khans of Tarkir Brews, pt. 1 – Time to Ascend

The cycle of three colored ascendancies are clearly meant to be built around. Although (as of this writing) Jeskai haven’t yet ascended (funnily enough), let’s begin with those.

One thing I notice while putting these lists together was that the enemy pain lands from M15 are not quite optimal. Sure, they work, and work better than ally pain lands would (because in your three colored wedges, you’ll have two pairs of enemy colors and one pair of ally colors), but since the “base color” of each clan is not the third color out, but rather one of the ally colors, putting a bunch of pain lands into these decks would surely overemphasize the wrong color, if you build around the base color, as I have.

On the other hand, its one more challenge and there are plenty of options right now. Based on the collector’s numbers more are coming.



First thing I noticed was that Spirit Bonds makes these spirits produced by this card stronger, giving them an extra ability. In general, this is probably meant to be the token strategy card we were waiting for based on M15.

If we go for the tokens, we pretty much only need the Ascendancies only as a double splash with both colors required by the same card (and this is going to be a recurring theme), the manabase is going to be quite awkward. On the other hand, due to the first ability, we don’t necessarily want to play this as soon as possible, but rather wait for enough creatures on the battlefield.



Seems pretty straightforward when building the deck, not necessarily so when playing the deck that comes out of it. All we need is ways to get stuff into the graveyard and some cards to abuse that.



Goblin Rabblemaster has already shown itself to be very strong, so why not just get more out of it?



The problem here: I have two fatties in mind that will work great with the second ability, but not so well with the first one: Meandering Towershell and Phytotitan. The first, because its sloooow, and the second, because its still untapped when it comes into play form graveyard. I wouldn’t worry though. Card advantage rocks. Also, we can help the Titan somewhat with Kiora’s Follower. It can also help to fix mana with our lands and ramp to all of our five drops.

Needs something to kill Elspeth, Sun’s Champion with. Lighning Strike certainly helps, as well as Negates in the sideboard.

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