Khans of Tarkir Brews, pt. 2 – Random Ideas

More brews. Some weirder ones here. Let us say, “not quite as serious as other ideas”, but its good to get these out of your system. And who knows, maybe someone who is better at taking ideas and tuning them will be able to use these.

Five-Color Bloodseeker

There’s this one “combo”, I’ve been thinking about, but been unable to come up with a shell for. It assumes there’s going to plenty of creatures used in the format, but I’d like to think its a reasonable assumption. The combo is simply this: Altac Bloodseeker and Duneblast


So, basically, what we want to do, is to get the opponent to overextend and then kill him of with the combo. The problem is, we probably can’t get the opponent to play enough creatures, so we need to do some damage otherwise, even if the opponent is killing himself with pain lands and Mana Confluence. So, some burn, I guess.

You just choose the Bloodseeker to survive and hopefully get there. It probably won’t work, but this is about brewing.

UG Flash

I saw a version of this deck being played at my local FNM before M15, but it was lacking just a bit. Anyhow, for those who remember the bad ole days of UWR Flash and Draw-Go know how powerful this strategy can be. The point is pretty much to play only during your opponents turns. No need to tap out when you can wait to see what your opponent is up to and only then commit something to the table.

Actually, this might work. There’s enough ways with blue to really mess your opponents plays. If delve becomes popular, bounce is almost as good as removal. If bestow decks become popular, the effect might be very different, though, and we’d be in the losing end of the equation. Hence, probably Hubris for the sideboard.

Might need a few less fetches.

UW Tempo

Dakra Mystic is very underappreciated in a world where Courser of Kruphix is one of the most played cards. Add Spirit of the Labyrinth and not only can you stop your opponent from drawing key cards, but you can draw free cards, if you activate Mystic only on opponents turn.

Ephara and Spirit are a bit of a nonbo, but we can probably live with that.

Otherwise, plenty of creatures, some of which are quire unusual. [card]Dauntless River Marshall is probably a bit problematic, as it puts a pressure on the manabase we don’t necessarily want, but it seems pretty strong. You probably won’t be able to activate it too often though.

Daxos might be very strong after rotation, if Khans really pushes the format into bigger monsters.

Not much influence from Khans here, over all.

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