Dark Side of Gaming

Although I would like to espouse the benefits and the fun side of gaming as much as I can, sometimes I have to acknowledge there’s a dark side to this hobby.

I’m not talking about game addiction or peer pressure or anything like that today. This is something much, much worse. Well, I’m not actually going to talk much about it myself, as Extra Credits did a good job of doing it:

So, yeah. China is gamifying being a good citizen. Worse than that, its tied to how you consume and who you know. They are creating peer pressure to tow the party line and they are doing very pervasive surveillance to make all this happen. Even in 2020 you can still opt-out, but that means opting out of things that are going to be central to life, or already are.

Just letting you know, so you can drop me from your friend list on Facebook before its too late.

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