Journey Into Nyx Brews, pt. 5 – Block Constructed

Since I’m going to GP Manchester and I don’t go to that many GPs, I might as well start thinking about the deck now. Actually I already did a bit, but since everyone seems to be playing black online, I thought I’d make an effort and look into something different.

Enchantress of Sorts

First, it seems to me that Constellation could actually work. Not sure how well, but could. The one Constellation card I’m actually interested in using, is [scryfall]Eidolon of Blossoms[/scryfall].


Sadly, none of the other Constellation cards really appeal to me, but this one is very good. Potentially. What I want to do is to pair him with an enchantment generator, namely [scryfall]Heliod, God of the Sun[/scryfall]. Those clerics are, after all, enchantments. The good part is that you can actually then make enchantments at instant speed, which would make some other Constellation cards much better, but on the other hand, there’s [scryfall]Deicide[/scryfall] which is already an insane card against us and that would make Heliod much, much worse, so we are not going to put that many Heliod’s into the deck.

There’s also good white removal in the form of [scryfall]Banishing Light[/scryfall] which is basically a new iteration of [scryfall]Oblivion Ring[/scryfall].

However, there’s plenty of other enchantments to choose from. So, how about this:

4 Eidolon of Blossoms
4 Courser of Kruphix
3 Heliod, God of the Sun
4 Boon Satyr
1 Harvestguard Alseid
4 Hopeful Eidolon
4 Eidolon of Countless Battles
4 Leafcrown Dryad
1 Nylea, God of the Hunt
1 Archetype of Courage
4 Banishing Light
1 Strength of the Fallen
1 Ajani, Mentor of Heroes
4 Temple of Plenty
4 Mana Confluence
9 Forest
7 Plains

Many of the one-of’s could probably be cut in favour of something better. Our sideboard would probably need to be aware of [scryfall]Stormbreath Dragon[/scryfall] at the very least, but also possibly all sorts of graveyard shenanigans decks, as well as the everpresent Esper.

On the other hand, if we can’t beat [scryfall]Stormbreath Dragon[/scryfall], why not join it? Let’s just make a very good curve in a monored deck and be aggressive as possible. Here, [scryfall]Eidolon of the Great Revel[/scryfall] helps. I’m not really sure how to approach this. Do we rather use a bunch of one-drops, or go for lots of red dots to get reach with [scryfall]Fanatic of Mogis[/scryfall]. I think that’s the right approach. In that case, the deck could look like this:

4 Eidolon of the Great Revel
4 Sigiled Skink
4 Prophetic Flamespeaker
4 Kragma Butcher
4 Fanatic of Mogis
2 Ember Swallower
2 Oracle of Bones
4 Stormbreath Dragon
4 Twinflame
4 Lightning Strike
22 Mountain
2 Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx

[scryfall]Oracle of Bones[/scryfall] is there for the fun factor, mostly, although it could get them at times. Its hard to play against, since you don’t really know what the other player might be holding. Also, Oracle into [scryfall]Twinflame[/scryfall] must be extra fun.

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