Aki Vs. Evil Special – El día de la bestia (The Day of the Beast)

It’s been over two years since the last time I wrote one of these, but I feel I have to talk about this one.

Cura, a priest who has been isolated from the real world in the religious academia, figures out that the end of the world is actually near, so he has to leave the cozy confines of his home and try to stop it. However, his methods are a bit weird. He has come to the conclusion that he needs to sacrifice his own soul in order to make Satan believe he can be trusted with the information he needs to stop the apocalypse from happening. So, he starts to sin, but he is quite bad at it and needs help, so he allies himself with a metalhead he meets at a record store (where he works) and a television occultist (which wasn’t very concensual in the beginning). Together they try to figure all of this out in their own very bumbling way.

And I mean they are very incompetent. The television occultist is just a fraud, but that’s they guy they need, because they don’t know anyone else. The metalhead is just interested in the aesthetics of satan worship, not the actual practices, so while our priest thinks he has some insights, he really, really doesn’t. The priest himself is too soft to do what he feels he needs to and when he does do something, it just goes awry.

My personal history with this movie is that I saw this sometime in the late 90s, but I did not know what movie this was until I saw it again recently. It is now one of my favorite, if not the favorite, horror comedy movie. I knwo, I know, it’s pretty stupid movie, but what do expect from that genre? That’s an exaggeration, as there’s actually some very smart movies in the genre, but in general combining these two genres, which are often seen as cheap, lowest-common denominator kind of fair, doesn’t result in anything too cerebral. Still, while this movie is stupid, it’s stupid in the right ways. It isn’t just hijinx, it’s making fun of the authority of the Catholic church, which often has ridiculous beliefs and in the end isn’t very different from the fraudster Cura ends up recruiting.

I don’t even know if they managed to stop the end of the world or not. They just run around for a long time before they make a discovery that doesn’t have much to do with anything they have discovered previously, and actually manage to find the place they have been looking for all the time.

The movie is also quite dark at times. I mean, the devil is so overused in media that he doesn’t matter or feel that scary, but there’s also a group of white supremecists just burning people in the streets for the purposes of cleansing the city. That’s scary shit, because that is the type of thing that could very well happen. Especially right now, when racism is on the rise once again.

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