Aki Vs. Evil: The Greasy Strangler

I don’t think I’ve seen small penis prosthetics in any other movie. That’s something.


Ronnie and Brayden are a father and son pair, who live together and run a disco tour business, which makes them bullshit artists as the movie would put it, as the whole tour is just bullshit Ronnie is making up. There Brayden meets Janet, with whom he begins a relationship with. However, Ronnie feels threatened and tries to push himself onto Janet. On the other hand, Brayden’s best friend dies in the hands of a serial killer known as The Greasy Strangler and Brayden (rightfully) starts to suspects his father to be the killer.

This is pretty much a horror film in name only. It’s hard to find anything scary within the film except maybe how Brayden is forced into acting against his father, but instead finds himself accepting that he is not that different from his father after all. Otherwise the movie mostly tries to gross people out with it’s weird humour. It does take a very different road in it’s grossness. There is a piece of music called Fizzy Barf, but that is only something mentioned in the movie, not shown.

Speaking of Fizzy Barf, the music is by Andrew Hung, one half of the sadly-on-hiatus Fuck Buttons, an excellent drone music act, who made three great albums around a decade ago. While titles such as Stoned On Fart Fumes might give you an idea what the music is like, you would be wrong. To me it’s sort of reminiscent of somewhat less hyperactive Dan Deacon or the limited experience I have with the music of Haruomi Hosono. Not something you’d think someone would use in a horror movie. Or a movie. It’s good music, but just a very different choice for a movie score.

The movie makes weird decisions on what to be transgressive about. Like sexuality and nudity. We are (mostly) fine with these concepts at this point, but the fact that the movie accepts people of all ages, shapes and sizes as sexual is somewhat beyond the scope of most media. Ronnie’s actor was in his 70s at the time this movie came out and Janet wouldn’t exactly be considered beautiful in most movies. Also, Ronnie likes to show of his dick. He does his murdering in the nude (well, covered in grease, but still), he walks around the house in the nude and even goes out in a costuem, which has a see-through section over his genitalia. No one even seems that bothered.

The three main characters all feel pretty horrible. Ronnie is of course a serial killer, but we are accustomed to those. Trying to seduce the girlfriend of your son is not as permissible. Weirdly. Brayden is less evil (until the final act), but is sort of useless and spineless until his friend is killed. He sort of works with his dad, but doesn’t seem to contribute anything to the wholly meaningless proceedings anyhow. Janet goes out with Brayden, but just abandons him for his father and rubs it in Brayden’s face quite aggressively in quite an absurd scene (she and Ronnie dance naked in front of Brayden chanting “hootie-tootie disco cutie”).

While I guess this is sort of a horror comedy, I wouldn’t exactly recommend this to an audience looking for that specifically. It’s a movie that’s worth a watch, if you are looking for something more peculiar.

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