Guilds of Ravnica Brews, pt. 8 – Drake Tribal

Not really tribal, as there aren’t any tribal support here. We just happen to have two Drakes with similar abilities available to us.

[draft]Crackling Drake
Enigma Drake[/draft]

These two aren’t the only creatures that can benefit from instants and sorceries. We also have:

Murmuring Mystic
Wee Dragonauts[/draft]

Plus a bunch of Wizard cards, but since they don’t work well together with the Drakes, I don’t see a reason to pay too much attention to them.

What spells should we use? Well, burn, removal, counters, [card]Dive Down[/card]. Seems like a decent start.

[draft]Dive Down
Lightning Strike
Wizard’s Lightning
Beacon Bolt
Mission Briefing
Chemister’s Insight
Radical Idea
Risk Factor
Sinister Sabotage
Unexplained Disappearance

4 Enigma Drake
4 Crackling Drake
4 Murmuring Mystic
4 Opt
4 Lightning Strike
2 Wizard’s Lightning
2 Unexplained Disappearance
2 Beacon Bolt
2 Mission Briefing
4 Ionize
4 Radical Idea
2 Risk Factor
4 Steam Vents
4 Sulfur Falls
4 Evolving Wilds
5 Island
5 Mountain

There’s plenty of cards I wouldn’t really mind here, like [card]Electromancer[/card], but you have to keep the number of spells high enough.

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