Guilds of Ravnica Brews, pt. 8 – Drake Tribal

Not really tribal, as there aren’t any tribal support here. We just happen to have two Drakes with similar abilities available to us.

Crackling DrakeEnigma Drake

These two aren’t the only creatures that can benefit from instants and sorceries. We also have:

ElectromancerGuttersnipeMurmuring MysticWee Dragonauts

Plus a bunch of Wizard cards, but since they don’t work well together with the Drakes, I don’t see a reason to pay too much attention to them.

What spells should we use? Well, burn, removal, counters, Dive Down. Seems like a decent start.

Dive DownLightning StrikeShockWizard’s LightningOpt
Beacon BoltMission BriefingChemister’s InsightRadical IdeaRisk Factor
Sinister SabotageUnexplained DisappearanceIonize

There’s plenty of cards I wouldn’t really mind here, like Electromancer, but you have to keep the number of spells high enough.

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