Pioneering, pt. 2 (Pioneer Brews)

Some more ideas on how to approach Pioneer differently.

One of my favorite cards from recent years was Inverter of Truth. It’s hard to use, but who cares? The idea here is to control the board with burn, until you are ready to turn the game, and then play the Inverter, leaving your library (hopefully) just full of burn.

The mana is horrible here, as you need triple red for Slaying Fire and double black for the Inverter. Sometimes you will probably just lose to the damage from your own lands.

How about tribes? There have been several good ones over the years in Standard. Humans, Zombies and Knights come to mind, but even Elves, Goblins and Merfolk have been at least marginally playable. And then there’s Wizards.

Then there’s the monoblack of the RTR-Theros era. Could that still work?

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