EDH Deck Time: Turbo-Etali

Why have anything to cast in your library, if you have other players’ libraries to work with.

Note: I prefer not to use certain cards I’ve deemed too strong, so this deck will not include Sol Ring and it’s ilk, even though these cards would definitely make it better. I just don’t like the effect these extremely powerful cards have on the game.

Anyhow, that’s exactly what we want to do. We want to produce mana, fast, so often with rituals. And maybe keep Etali alive as well, but that’s not really in red’s agenda (YOLO), so we’ll need artifacts for that. Well, since there aren’t that many usable rituals either, we’ll be needing those artifacts as well. We want something to give this thing haste as well.

Well, one step at a time. Lands, that produce extra mana:

Just clamp on 34 Mountains on that and we’re set for lands.

Creatures that produce mana:

There is more, but I’m mostly going to keep to the red ones, because they are more fun than the reliable artifact creatures. Well, there’s only one here that produces actual mana and I put it in, because it just fits so nicely into the curve.

We do have a couple of Planeswalkers as well…

And those artifacts…

… and finally the rituals.

These aren’t very good in general, though, so I’ve cut the ones that produce only one mana. Didn’t leave very many.

That’s a total of 68 cards dedicated to producing mana. Nice, if I say so myself. Although, actually, I’d like to have even more. Next, we’ll need a few things to give our Commander haste.

Also Anger, but the plugin I’m using for showing the card images included every card with ‘anger’ in it’s name (which included words like ‘ranger’), so I just listed it here separately.

What else? What’s better than triggering Etali? Doing it twice.

I’m having more fun than expected doing this brew. What next? How else can we make this deck more fun? We have more room for 20 cards. First, I thought I would like to have a bunch of those very chaotic red cards, but instead, I thought I’d be boring and put in some of the best cards just in order to have targets for opponent interaction before Etali is an issue. Also, just some things with weird interactions with Etali or are fun for other reasons.

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