EDH Deck Time – Tetzimoc

In English:

Tetzimoc, Death Primordial
Legendary Creature – Elder Dinosaur

B, Reveal Tetzimoc, Death Primordial from your hand: Put a “Prey” counter on target creature. Only activate this ability during your turn.

When Tetzimoc, Death Primordial enters the battlefield, destroy all creatures with a “Prey” counter on them.

That’s kind of a.. challenge. It’s not hard to pull of. It’s more about incuring the wrath of all the other players while you try to set up Tetzimoc, since that requires some time and effort, which is going to be highly visible to your opponents. Let’s disregard that problem for the purposes of this article.

It might have a weird effect on the game, where they are reluctant to play anything on the table for fear of being Preyd upon. They will attack you with any creatures that have that counter on them anyhow, unless you have your defenses ready or can promise them not to play Tetzimoc, but they’ll know you will do it eventually anyhow.

And all that’s on top of playing Tetzimoc from the Command Zone, getting it killed, returning it to your hand and than starting the Preying process. So, what I expect to happen is that you need to have quite a few sweepers in your deck, as well as repeatable ways of returning creatures to your hand, such as Liliana, the Last Hope, although it’s more expensive (moneywise, currently at around 25 euros) than the cards I usually like to have in my Commander decks.

Cabal SurgeonEndbringer’s RevelMalevolent AwakeningOversold CemeteryPalace Siege
Phyrexian ReclamationSoul of InnistradDisturbed BurialTortured ExistenceWoebearer

That’s more than we probably need. And if we play this many (or close to this many), we should make sure we have other ways of abusing these effects as well. We probably won’t play all of these, but we’ll see.

So, we want creatures that we don’t necessarily need on the battlefield. Creatures that have either ETB or death triggers we don’t mind sacrificing. The problem is that most of these effects in black are about killing things and we already have Tetzimoc for that. There is some card draw and also some similar effects in artifact creatures, such as Pilgrim’s Eye and Solemn Simulacrum.

Ancestral StatueBig Game HunterBloodghastDeathbringer RegentDire Fleet Ravager
Disciple of BolasDoomwake GiantFiligree FamiliarFleshbag MarauderGatekeeper of Malakir
Gilt-Leaf WinnowerGonti, Lord of LuxuryGray Merchant of AsphodelGrim GuardianHunted Horror
Liliana’s ShadeLiliana’s SpecterMaga, Traitor to MortalsMassacre WurmMerciless Executioner
NekrataalPhyrexian RagerPriest of the Blood RitePuppeteer CliqueSandstone Oracle
Seekers’ SquireSibsig IcebreakersSidisi, Undead VizierSlum ReaperVulturous Aven
Blood ArtistZulaport CutthroatFalkenrath NobleFlesh CarverGrim Haruspex
Harvester of SoulsKokusho, the Evening StarMindslicerPolluted DeadTattered Mummy
Vindictive Lich

We can’t possible play all of those, but I will probably approach this from the angle of keeping the curve low, because Tetzimoc itself will use plenty of mana, when it comes to it.

One of our (many) problems is that usually returning to hand is less efficient than returning to the battlefield, as usually that’s a way to save on mana. We are able to gain card advantage… a little bit. The Scarab God or Chainer, Dementia Master will still be much more efficient than what we can put out.

Anyhow, this isn’t about having the best deck. This is about making an interesting deck. I don’t think this is a top-tier commander anyhow. This is black, so just simply sweeping everything isn’t that difficult to achieve, or even sweeping just your opponents’ creatures.

I’ll put in some other stuff as well. How about Black Market?

Black Market

It can keep Tetzimoc going, if nothing else.

Maybe some more sac outlets.

Voldaren PariahQarsi High Priest

What else do we need? This deck shouldn’t need that much spot removal, but I’ll still put in some.

Go for the ThroatHero’s DownfallNever // ReturnRuinous Path

I’m emphasizing planeswalker removal here.

A few ways to draw cards wouldn’t hurt just to smooth out land drops in the early game:

Sign in BloodRead the BonesNight’s Whisper

Also, some gravehate, because we don’t want others having the same kind of fun we have:

Withered WretchBojuka BogCrypt Incursion

Well, this is kind of a first draft and I didn’t even check whether the curve makes sense, but it’s roughly in the correct direction, because I don’t have that many expensive cards. Probably still needs some work though.

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