EDH Deck Time: The Scarab God

Black and blue are my favorite colors, but for the longest time, I’ve had trouble finding commanders from that combination. Sure, there’s 24 previous ones, but most of them just don’t feel like good commanders. Well, fun commanders. The last of Bolas’s secret weapons, The Scarab God, just might work.

I guess the two basic ways of approaching this is a) a zombie tribal and b) a full-on control deck where this is the win condition. My head says the latter is better, but my heart says zombies, and this is the format to follow your heart, if there is one. Well, at least it should be.

So, zombies. First, how do we get a horde of them?

Army of the DamnedCryptbreakerDark SalvationDiregraf ColossusEmpty the Pits
Endless Ranks of the DeadFrom Under the FloorboardsGhoulcaller GisaGraf HarvestGrave Betrayal
Grave TitanHavengul RunebinderKalitas, Traitor of GhetLich Lord of UnxLiliana, Death’s Majesty
Midnight RitualNecromaster DragonOverseer of the DamnedRise from the TidesStitcher Geralf
Syphon FleshWaste NotLim-Dul the NecromancerZombie Apocalypse

Next, we have lords:

Liliana’s MasteryLord of the AccursedCemetery ReaperDeath BaronDiregraf Captain
Lord of the UndeadRisen ExecutionerUndead WarchiefZombie MasterGisa and Geralf
Plague BelcherVengeful Dead

… and we need a bunch of efficient zombies as well.

GhoulraiserGravecrawlerGravediggerLiliana’s ReaverRelentless Dead
Vile RebirthSoulless OneBlood ScrivenerBone DancerCoffin Queen
Corpse AugurDiregraf GhoulDread WandererFleshbag MarauderForgotten Creation
Infectious HorrorPlaguebearerPrized AmalgamServant of TymaretSibsig Icebreakers
Siren of the Silent SongSkinrenderWight of Precinct SixWithered WretchZombie Trailblazer

That’s already too many cards and there’s a problem with the curve. Also, we need cards besides the zombies in the deck. What can we cut? Rise from the Tides isn’t going to do much in this deck which has only 8 other spells, so that’s out. Some I can cut because they aren’t just powerful enough for the format, some I can cut for cost.

I decided to go with the following list, although I would have liked to cut a few more cards for a few more removal spells and some more utility cards, but I guess this will have to do.

2 thoughts on “EDH Deck Time: The Scarab God

    • Budget is sort of a consideration, when I write these, because I like to keep these friendly. I do love to play more Liliana’s though.

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