My Favorite Decks from Pro Tour Amonkhet

Part of me loves the fact that Monoblack Zombies won, but part of me also hates it, because now everyone know about the deck and how good it is, so I can’t play it anymore. So, let’s dig a little deeper once again.

This one’s an easy sell. It has three copies of Liliana, the Death’s Majesty, so I would be in, if I didn’t hate the idea of playing Marvel.

The basic idea is that you want to have quite a few threats in your deck so that when you spin the Marvel, you’ll get something useful, but you don’t want to draw those cards that often. So, you try to put them into your graveyard and Zombify them with Liliana. Its also a Delirium deck. And somehow it seems to work based on the results. This particular player went 8-2 with his version.

The deck might be missing ways to put cards into your graveyard, but I’m not sure. Liliana does that herself, as does Vessel of Nascency and Oath of Jace. So maybe its fine.

Next, we have Jund Gods, played by Patrick Dickmann. Black is just a splash for some removal, but mostly this is a red-green beatdown deck.

This feels like the manabase would be kind of sucky, but its hard to say.

Then we have Blue-Red Emerge. This isn’t a new idea, but it is a new look at an old idea. I think having just two Fevered Visions is just not enough, if you really want to go that way, but well, here we are. Stitchwing Skaab might also be a bit weak in the world of Magma Spray, but it might be valuable enough in other ways to justify it.

Four Kozilek’s Return would seem like an over-correction in expectation of the metagame, but I guess you can always just discard them to something. It might have worked as well.

Otherwise, there’s some interesting stuff in the decks, such as the Chandra, Flamecaller used by Genesis, but there’s a LOT of zombies and marvels in the top decks. We might just be heading into a two deck format again, but I do hope that doesn’t happen.

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