Amonkhet Brews, pt. 13 – Mardu Trials

Apparently I’m not the only one who feels like Cartouche is a dirty word.

All the Trials and the Cartouches seem pretty good. However, since white has the best Cartouche (for now) in [scryfall]Felidar Guardian[/scryfall], I’ll choose that and since removal you can reuse is very strong, I’ll go with this triplet of colors, even though I won’t use all of the options from each color. I’ll go with sets of these four:

These might very well be wrong, but my thinking here is that we want the removal and we want bodies to put the Cartouches on.

Right now this has a casual feel, but could probably be tuned to be actually competitive in at least an event here and there.

4 Thraben Inspector
4 Sram, Senior Edificer
4 Scrapheap Scrounger
4 Restoration Specialist
4 Felidar Guardian
4 Trial of Ambition
4 Trial of Zeal
4 Cartouche of Solidarity
4 Cartouche of Ambition
4 Inspiring Vantage
4 Concealed Courtyard
4 Needle Spires
4 Shambling Vent
4 Canyon Slough
2 Foreboding Ruins
2 Plains

Okay, the mana is horrible…

Probably isn’t any better than Vehicles, though.

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