Standard Deck Time: Evolutionary Leap

Evolutionary Leap just seems like a build-around to me, although I think it can be a good way to combat control decks by saccing the creatures they kill. Anyhow, here’s an idea:

There’s basically two ways to approach this card:

  1. You play a deck with plenty of creatures in it.
  2. You can play a deck with only a couple of creatures in it and plenty of token makers.

Lets go with the latter.


So, what makes us something to sac in these colors? Here’s some good things:

Bloodsoaked ChampionDragon FodderHordeling OutburstGoblin RabblemasterWhisperwood Elemental
Xenagos, the RevelerHornet QueenHooded HydraZendikar’s Roil

There’s probably plenty more out there, but these seem pretty good… Well, with the addition of this:

Hangarback Walker

We don’t want to hit mana elves in the mid- or late game, so we won’t be using any, even if it makes the deck slower. We might think about using some of the plentiful ramp spells available to us, but I don’t think that’s a good way to go. We can just hope the tokens slow our opponent down enough for us to get there.

The landbase probably needs a couple of Mana Confluences and maybe a Evolving Wilds or two if it can handle the comes-into-play-tapped lands. There might also be a few too many creatures, but I’d leave that to testing. Tasigur is a good addition to the deck, because we are putting stuff to our graveyard constantly.


We have some of the cards from above:

Whisperwood ElementalHornet QueenHangarback WalkerHooded HydraZendikar’s Roil

But white also brings a few additions of its own:

Secure the WastesRaise the AlarmGideon’s PhalanxElspeth, Sun’s ChampionBrimaz, King of Oreskos
Heliod, God of the SunMonastery MentorMastery of the Unseen

Well, if we’d bring in another color, we could use First Response with painlands..

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