EDH Deck Time: The New Selvala

Selvala, Heart of the Wilds

So, how do we keep going with the first ability? Well, here’s an idea: The iconic creature for green is hydra. Make a larger one each turn.

Okay, there aren’t that many hydras with X in the casting cost. Only eight actually.

Feral HydraGenesis HydraHooded HydraLifeblood HydraMistcutter Hydra
Primordial HydraProtean HydraVastwood Hydra

There’s also Ivy Elemental, Slime Molding, Wildcall, Wurmcalling and Krakilin. So, that’s not something we can actually base our strategy on. On the other hand, some of these aren’t even that good, so maybe this is not the way to go. Some of these we definitely do want, but not all. Genesis Hydra can be especially good with Selvala, since the trigger is a cast trigger and if its a creature, its resolved first, so you might be able to draw two cards in a row.

However, you are playing monogreen. Its not hard to cast bigger and bigger creatures in each point of the curve. There are also ways to help this process out:

Hibernation’s EndBirthing PodYisan, the Wanderer Bard

To help out the first and the last one, maybe put in a Plaguemaw Beast to get some proliferation action. Maybe also use some artifact proliferation. They could maybe help bridge the cap with two drops in the deck.

Plaguemaw BeastContagion ClaspContagion Engine

These will also help the hydras, although they might not really need the help.

We would also like to leverage the mana we can get from Selvala’s activated ability somehow, so these might help:

Silklash SpiderChord of CallingGreen Sun’s ZenithAnimist’s AwakeningEnshrined Memories
Gelatinous GenesisNylea, God of the HuntPolukranos, World Eater

… and just a bunch of creatures with power above the curve:

Surrak, the Hunt CallerDeadbridge GoliathArbor ColossusCaller of the PackCloudthresher
GhoultreeHunted TrollHydra BroodmasterHydra OmnivoreMoldgraf Monstrosity
PhytotitanSkarrg GoliathTerastodonTerra StomperWorldspine Wurm
Wren’s Run Packmaster

Plus any number of Eldrazi Titans, if you feel like you need the top end.

Some cards can help keep up the drawing:

Stampeding SerowStampeding WildebeestsRoaring Primadox

You might even often want to pick themselves up and play them again.

Since we want the chain to start early, all the one-mana elves we can find:

Arbor ElfBirds of ParadiseBoreal DruidElvish MysticFyndhorn Elves
Llanowar ElvesMagus of the VineyardUtopia SprawlWild Growth

That’s nine, which doesn’t quite feel enough, but should suffice.

Finally, since we already have a bunch of mana dumps, we might as well put in some more ways to produce huge quantities of mana and some ways to leverage the big creatures in other ways. And maybe not some other utility stuff.

Lurking PredatorsOmnath, Locus of ManaSoul of the HarvestVorinclex, Voice of HungerBane of Progress
Yeva, Nature’s HeraldMomentous FallZendikar ResurgentUmbral MantleTooth and Nail

… and I’ll throw in a Helix Pinnacle just for shits and giggles.

Helix Pinnacle

After all, Selvala + Helix Pinnacle + Umbral Mantle + a creature with power of five or more ewuals a win.

After that we need to cut some stuff to make room for 40 lands, but I think I’ll take out the more awkward X-spells to make the mana less awkward. There probably isn’t enough elves for Wren’s Run Packmaster either, so maybe Wolfbriar Elemental instead.

The lands we want are probably these:

Nykthos, Shrine to NyxTemple of the False GodBlighted WoodlandThawing GlaciersMage-Ring Network
Myriad LandscapeHomeward Path

Which leaves room for 33 Forests. You should probably test a bit whether the manabase holds, because Selvala is pretty unique.

The final list:

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