Building My Own Cube, pt. 7 – Athreos

Athreos, God of Passage

Pressuring lifetotal is the key here. Athreos and Mogis seem to have something in common… (yes, black).

Athreos’s Two-Colored Cards

Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim seems pretty good here. Its highly efficient, but the synergy with Athreos seems very good. Maybe Maw of the Obzedat is a less oppressive choice.

Cliffhaven Vampire and Drana’s Emissary are both recent cards that would be very irritating in this deck. Actually, all cards would be very irritating in this deck. They are powerful, but maybe not too bad in this environment.

Kingpin’s Pet and Tithe Drinker are one of the better cards with Extort.

One Thousand Lashes is a pretty interesting card here, but maybe I would rather go with Pillory of the Sleepless. This does present a problem, because I wouldn’t want to put strictly worse cards into the cube.

Orzhov Guildmage and Scholar of Athreos do very similar things, but I guess I’ll go with the Guildmage, because its less oppressing.

Sin Collector could be a nice addition. Its not too powerful in the cube, because there aren’t going to be that many spells, but at the same time, sometimes you want to protect your bombs.

Souls of the Faultless would be good for the Devotion, but otherwise I think its a possible addition. Also, if the Phenax-player wants to splash this, its a very powerful choice, and I like that kind of competition.


Orzhov GuildmageSouls of the FaultlessOne Thousand LashesMaw of the ObzedatSin Collector


What we want here is some good, aggressive creatures, that you can recast often.

Mardu Woe-Reaper, Soldier of the Pantheon and Dragon Hunter are nice, strong Savannah Lions with upsides that can sometimes be important in this format. I don’t like how swingy Dragon Hunters abilities can be, but its going get in anyhow.

Ajani’s Pridemate seems powerful enough to bring along. Other two drops that seem interesting include Herald of Dromoka (although I’d have to check how many Warriors there actually are in the cube), Kami of Ancient Law and its variants, Master of Pearls, Oreskos Sun Guide, Seeker of the Way, Thraben Heretic, Topan Freeblade, Veteran Armorer and Whitemane Lion.

There are plenty more good two-drops and aggressive creatures, but I’ll fix the curve later. For now, the selection is this:

Mardu Woe-ReaperSoldier of the PantheonDragon HunterAjani’s PridemateMaster of Pearls
Seeker of the WayTopan FreebladeVeteran Armorer


Black’s approach to these things is quite different and generally its creatures are weaker, but have interesting abilities. I don’t want to put creatures into the cube that are just strictly worse than their white counterparts (well, disregarding color, of course), so I’d rather find creatures with drawbacks, that can do something the white creatures can’t.

Also, Carrion Feeder, which can have pretty good synergy with Athreos.

Kolaghan SkirmisherPain SeerCruel SadistDrainpipe VerminGnarled Scarhide
Mardu ShadowspearRuthless RipperCarrion Feeder

I can’t even justify all these choices, but there they are.

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