Shadows over Innistrad Brews, pt. 15 – Sultai Company

I probably should’ve stopped a couple of brews ago at 13, but sorry. I guess its the Madness in me. Yes, that was awful, but I’m not sorry at all.

Although Collected Company based decks lose plenty of toys, there’s still also plenty of cheap efficient creatures available. I’m most interested in the Sultai colors (or BUG, if you are old-fashioned). There’s the good old Den Protector + Deathmist Raptor combo, and there’s also the extra Raptors in the form of Prized Amalgam, but on top of those, we have…

Jace, Vryn’s ProdigySylvan AdvocateAsylum VisitorAvatar of the ResoluteBearer of Silence
Dimensional InfiltratorRattlechainsBounding KrasisCatacomb SifterCarrier Thrall
Deadbridge ShamanDeathcap CultivatorDespoiler of SoulsDrana, Liberator of MalakirDuskwatch Recruiter
Eldrazi SkyspawnerEssence DepleterFathom FeederFleshbag MarauderGlade Watcher
Graveblade MarauderHeir of FalkenrathHermit of the NatterknollsLiliana, Heretical HealerManagorger Hydra
Nantuko HuskNissa, Vastwood SeerStratus DancerVile RedeemerVoid Grafter

Seems like enough to build on. I did leave out plenty of stuff, like Harbinger of the Tides, because I can’t put double costing cards from all the colors into the deck. Even two colors seems hard, but I’ll try that out. Green and Black work better, because I will be putting a set of Deathcap Cultivators into the deck.

Here’s another version, but this, I’m trying out how good the clues are (without taking away the value creatures at the heart of the previous deck):

… or how about ’em zombies.

Diregraf ColossusRelentless DeadFleshbag MarauderNantuko HuskScreeching Skaab
Shambling GhoulShambling GoblinSibsig Icebreakers

… and these are only going to be an alternate value engine and we’ll still be using the original one as well.

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