Building My Own Cube, pt. 12 – Hybrid, Lands, Artifacts, Looking Back and What Now?

At this point, I have 225 cards in the cube. All the Gods have been taken care of (for now), so its time to move on to other stuff.


Since I did go through all the card with two-color identity in the whole of Magic’s history, I have a pretty good idea on what I want here.

[scryfall]Godhead of Awe[/scryfall] is an answer to Gods (more on this later), so it gets in.

For UB, I’ve been thinking about [scryfall]Cemetery Puca[/scryfall], but I think the right answer for the cube is [scryfall]Lurking Informant[/scryfall].

[scryfall]Ashenmoor Gouger[/scryfall] is pretty big. Bigger than BR usually gets, so its in.

I like [scryfall]Boggart Ram-Gang[/scryfall] for whatever reason, so its in.

GW gets [scryfall]Dryad Militant[/scryfall], because it can do a lot of work against certain decks in the format.

I have so fond memories of [scryfall]Gift of Orzhova[/scryfall], I’ll put it in.

[scryfall]Frostburn Weird[/scryfall] is a nice defensive creature.

[scryfall]Canker Abomination[/scryfall] also has the edge, because I like it for some reason.

RW needs aggressive creatures, so [scryfall]Figure of Destiny[/scryfall].

GU gets [scryfall]Biomass Mutation[/scryfall], because it goes well with Kruphix and his themes didn’t quite come together before.


First, all the Temples from Theros block. Obviously.

Here’s where the problems start. I was thinking Filter lands, but [scryfall]Twilight Mire[/scryfall] is way above my budget. I was also thinking Karoos (or Bounce lands, or whatever you call them), but the problem here is that they are also good card advantage, so people might be picking them for reasons other than fixing and since Temples already have this problem, I’d much rather have something else here. So, I’m thinking pain lands.


This is harder. I do want to play into the themes of the minor gods, but I don’t want to be too obvious about it.

For Ephara, I would like to use [scryfall]Cloudstone Curio[/scryfall], but again, the budget. So, [scryfall]Conjurer’s Closet[/scryfall]. Kind of the same thing, but not really. At least its not as mana intensive.

[scryfall]Cellar Door[/scryfall] seems like something the Phenax deck might want to do, but it also works with scry.

Mogis wants some ramp, but can’t really get any from its own colors, so [scryfall]Wayfarer’s Bauble[/scryfall], although most decks will find a place for it.

[scryfall]Wine of Blood and Iron[/scryfall] seems like a legit card for Xenagos, even though he already has plenty of similar effects.

Karametra’s people probably like [scryfall]Sword of the Animist[/scryfall] and its going to be good in most decks.

[scryfall]Jar of Eyeballs[/scryfall] seems like something the Athreos-player might be able to abuse.

[scryfall]Seer’s Lantern[/scryfall] would need just a bit of adjustment for the art to fit Keranos, but otherwise its perfect here.

If you’re milling, you might want to see the top card of a library: [scryfall]Mishra’s Bauble[/scryfall].

[scryfall]Veteran’s Armaments[/scryfall] seems like a good tool for the Iroas theme.

Kruphix gets the [scryfall]Walking Atlas[/scryfall], because I feel like it. Can’t really bother to come up with an excuse.

What Next?

That’s 265 cards, leaving me with 95 cards to work with.

What I want to do now is to fill in the gaps in the curves for different archetypes and add removal. I want answers for the gods, but not necessarily obvious ones. I’d much rather put [scryfall]Turn to Frog[/scryfall] into the cube than [scryfall]Deicide[/scryfall] (although I might end up putting that in, we’ll see). There will obviously be counterspells, though. I’ll also need to check that there’s enough evasion to avoid boardstalls. These will often be too beneficial for one player, who has the reach (in other words, the right god) needed to end the game.

This is going to be somewhat long process, since the tools I’m currently using don’t really show things like cmc per color very well. Hopefully there’s a better site for this than TappedOut, but I just realized right now that there might indeed be one.

Here’s the current list in its totality (will update when new cards are added.

[EDIT] Indeed, CubeTutor does provide more tools, although the user interface seems a bit awkward and the site focuses on things (namely pimping) I’m not too high on.

Also, as a piece of software, it sucks. Badly. Probably needs a complete rewrite and lacks very important functionality or its very hard to find. Because of the poor UI, I managed to put most of the cards twice and removing the extra ones was a real pain.

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