Building My Own Cube, pt. 6 – Karametra

[draft]Karametra, God of Harvests[/draft]

I’m thinking Landfall abilities… but also, since we are going to have access to plenty of lands, mana dumps would be nice. Convoke would probably work as well, but I won’t a selection of cheap creatures to work with as well.

Karametra’s Two-Colored Cards

[card]Autochthon Wurm[/card] is obviously here for the Convoke, but also because of the shock of seeing it for the first time in a pack.

[card]Bronzebeak Moa[/card] works nicely in a deck that wants to play a lot of creatures.

[card]Enlisted Wurm[/card] is good, because Cascade lets you cast (potentially) two creatures a turn, thus double ramping

[card]Fleecemane Lion[/card] is just an efficient and cheap threat.

[card]Fleetfoot Panther[/card] enables extra chances to cast creatures, so I’ll go with that.

[card]Joraga Auxiliary[/card], [card]Knight of the Skyward Eye[/card], [card]Selesnya Guildmage[/card] and [card]Sunblade Elf[/card] are all good manasinks, but this portion is getting crowded

[card]Selesnya Charm[/card] doesn’t really have any special synergies, but the exiling ability would be nice to have in this cube. Sadly there isn’t enough room for it.

The selection being…

[draft]Autochthon Wurm
Bronzebeak Moa
Enlisted Wurm
Fleetfoot Panther
Joraga Auxiliary[/draft]


You are going to be hitting many landdrops, so landfall, anyone? Since there are no fetches in the cube, its not going to get too much out of hand. Hopefully.

[card]Zendikar’s Roil[/card] doesn’t exactly say ‘Landfall’, but that is exactly what it does.

[card]Undergrowth Champion[/card] grows pretty fast, but there are going to be enough ways to get rid of it.

There’s plenty of lands to risk with [card]Embodiment of Insight[/card], so it feels like a good choice.

[card]Khalni Heart Expedition[/card] is fun because it produces even more landfall triggers, snowballing into huge creatures.

[draft]Zendikar’s Roil
Undergrowth Champion
Embodiment of Insight
Khalni Heart Expedition[/draft]

… and those manasinks:

[card]Elder of Laurels[/card] feel pretty safe, unlike [card]Heroes’ Bane[/card], but it feels safe enough. At least it doesn’t have trample naturally.

[card]Silklash Spider[/card] can be an excellent safety measure against decks with flying. Perhaps even too repressive, but there aren’t that many fliers so far in the cube, so perhaps its fine.

[card]Gigantomancer[/card] is a fun concept, so bring it on.

[draft]Heroes’ Bane
Elder of Laurels
Silklash Spider


Pretty much the same…


[draft]Steppe Lynx
Fledgling Griffin
Admonition Angel[/draft]


[draft]Mirror Entity
Avacyn, Guardian Angel
Dawnglare Invoker
Echoes of the Kin Tree
High Sentinels of Arashin[/draft]

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