Battle for Zendikar Brews, pt. 11 – The Brand New Atarka Red

I played against someone at GP Prague who was playing a slightly different version of Atarka Red. It had Self-Inflicted Wound in the sideboard to fight all the Abzan Aggros (or Hangarback Abzans in WotC coverage nomenclature). Seemed like (and he admitted it too) he was streching his manabase just a little too much by having the one Swamp in the sideboard with a set of Bloodstained Mires and Mana Confluences in the main.

However, in the world of Battle Lands (or Tango Lands or whatever), this isn’t such a bad idea. Couple of Smoldering Marshes that doesn’t even have to be in the sideboard can do the same since you want to play all the fetches that can get you mountains anyhow.

Of course, many of the cards in the deck (most notably Foundry Street Denizen, but also Lightning Strike and Goblin Rabblemaster) are going to rotate out, so the deck as a whole requires some retinkering.

The manabase is still a bit awkward, but at least there’s 16 ways of getting a mountain untapped in the first turn despite three (potential) colors.

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