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The second most read article on this site is my my article on one specific puzzle in the new Thief game. If I had to predict, I’d say based on projections it will be the most read article within a few days and its not really showing any signs of stopping.

But there’s a problem: I bet most of the people who have read the article were disappointed. They probably came here looking for a walkthrough of some sort, but instead they got my musing on the mathematics of that specific puzzle. Sure, the article includes a solution, but before getting to that, they have to read through me pondering about how to approach this problem.

So, basically, that’s a bunch of people who I’ve managed to trick to this site and who will never return. Granted, I haven’t really promised them anything. It wasn’t like I promised to change how they view movies and then just rattle off a bunch of meaningless movie trivia any hobbyist would know regardless, or promise risque pictures of a celebrity and then just show those people in more expensive versions of what people wear anyway, but I’m basically promising them something (even though I didn’t think it would rank so highly on Google) and only sort of delivering.

I don’t really know what other writers here think about this, but instead of hoping for random hits, I would much rather cultivate a readership, even if it means we get fewer hits. It doesn’t really affect us in anyway, except maybe give us some sort of credibility, if it ever comes to it that we actually need that.

I’m sort of reminded of Cenk Uygur’s (of The Young Turks) thoughts. His show revolves around political opinions and commentary, but a good chunk of their income comes from entertainment news and tabloid style headlines. In order to do what they really want to do, they have to do something they don’t find as interesting, but which gets the hits they need.

I’m in a good position, because I don’t really have to think about stuff like that. However, I would like to serve an audience at least somewhat. I feel like I should write more about RPGs to do this, but just because I have more chances to play MtG, I’ll sort of write more about that by default (although lately I’ve been on a more introspective stage).

Of course, I can’t even talk on behalf of the other writers. I might be the most prolific, but my posts also get disregarded the most for various reasons.

Gladly, we’re probably getting a De Profundis -game going, so maybe I’ll be able to write about that. Maybe not, because of the secrecy involved, but that might also be something to talk about.

Chances of anyone reading this (besides Lauri): Pretty low.

One thought on “This Blog and Its Contents

  1. But at least I read this! And concur with it. Random opinions, articles and whatnots are a good but I still would like to offer something more concrete to prove us as a serious (or at least in the same neighbourhood with serious) blog.

    That is not actually an easy thing to achieve. Reviews seem to get the biggest hits. Considering that I would assume that Ville’s “S/lay with me” will eventually become the most read post here. It might take time but there rarely comes a day it is not read. Reviews actually serve a certain point but on the other hand they are the least interesting things to write.

    All-in-all I still like our approach. Your MtG-articles balanced with my ramblings about our games. But maybe we should be doing something special during each month? Ropecon is coming and De Profundis could very well be our thing for April.

    Chances of anyone commenting on these (besides Aki and myself): even lower.

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