Hour of Devastation Brews, pt. 4 – UR Flash

As usual, there are some potentially very impactful cards hidden in the final bunch of spoilers. One of them could very well be this one.


I didn’t really expect that to be back any time soon, as they have recently nerfed this ability somewhat, but it is a good answer to Eternalize. However, in Standard, just the tempo can also be important.

Early last year, there was a deck played by Tomoharu Saito which this is somewhat based on. I loved that deck and won a PPTQ with it (for once I didn’t even change the sideboard). It might be quite weak against Magma Spray, but it seems to me that not that many people play it.

We have lost a couple of important cards from the previous version. First, the Shivan Reef was an excellent way to activate Dimensional Infiltrator and also screw with scrying. Also, Exquisite Firecraft was an excellent way to end the game against certain decks that would bring in countermagic, and dealing four is just great as well.

Actually, one might want to exchange a couple of the Mountains for the new red painlands for the Infiltrators. I’m not sure how many, exactly. Also, Shock might be a good replacement for one of the other burn spells. Stealing initiative with it in the early game can be quite good.

I’m not totally sold on Stormchaser Mage. There are other options. The earlier version played Goldnight Castigators, but that might not work out here. Other options might include Glorybringer or Skyship Plunderer, even though we don’t have any way to abuse the latters ability in the deck. Maybe with a planeswalker, like Chandra, Torch of Defiance, in the sideboard?

1 thought on “Hour of Devastation Brews, pt. 4 – UR Flash

  1. I’m going to try this with Elder Deep Fiends instead of the Stormchaser Mages and Supreme Will instead of Spell Shrivel. I wouldn’t advice trying this if you have aggrocentric meta, but where I play is somewhat more midrangish and there this might work out. Maybe.

    Also, Abrade instead of Incendiary Flow? Could work.

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