ENnie Awards 2015

It is no surprise that the awards-granting occasion started by and closely followed by D&D fame granted most of the mentions to Wizards of the Coast. What is somewhat surprising that the Dungeon Master’s Handbook won an award in the supplement category. I would have guessed that it would’ve been a core product, but little do I know…

The surprise this year was Zak Smith’s Red and Pleasant Land, which gained 4 mentions! To my knowledge there were people there who left the occasion when Zak got the award for best writing and then continued to get three more awards. I have only read two reviews about that, and the first thing I thought after reading about the idea of two vampires being locked in a near-eternal battle was: Hey, that was my idea! Then as I got further into the review I noticed that this is nowhere near anything I have ever thought of. But enough of that, this is about ENnies.

Mutant: Year Zero deservedly got a mention. I would have liked to see it winning even more stuff, but alas, mostly D&D oriented voter base.

I was somewhat surprised that Iron Kingdoms ranked so poorly. Their artwork is usually of the highest quality. Also the setting is not half-bad ;)

Next year should be more interesting as there probably will be fewer WotC products coming up. Although they have now adopted a policy of using third party publishers to do their work for them, so that fact will play the dark horse in 2016.

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