My Favorite Decks from Pro Tour Hour of Devastation

Despite the domninace of the so-called Ramunap Red, there’s several interesting decks out there.
Starting with this one, that didn’t even make day two, but is just too cool to not mention.

Valentin Mackl decided to play red with a… twist. I don’t know how anyone thought this could possibly work, but that doesn’t matter. Imminent Doom. They key here is that Mackl figured out he could “cheat” this a bit by using X spells, namely Burn from Within. It can occupy any spot on the curve, but on the other hand, it won’t be much good until later. Essentially this is a Lava Spike deck, where you just have to play a lot of cards that don’t go to the face. I would probably play Incendiary Flow over Abrade, but than again, it wasn’t me who tested the deck, so I might be wrong.

More red? Noo… Okay, this is actually black-red. Shintaro Kurata brought this to the top eigth with an 8-1-1 record. The black splash isn’t huge, but the Collective Brutality is probably pretty good in the semi-mirror against all the Ramunap Reds and Ribbons seems like a good way to end games. Ammit Eternal is a pretty huge body and can easily be reset with the help of Earthshaker Khenra or Eldrazi Obligator.

Here’s a totally different deck with the same name. This seems like it’s heavily tuned to beat the monored decks with it’s lifegain and Liliana’s to take down all those X/1s. The sideboard has The Scorpion God to go really big.

Then, here’s a red deck. Martin Juza decided to go a bit bigger. We’ve seen this before, but it has a bit of technology in Scrapheap Scrounger and Pia Nalaar.

Finally, here’s some red. This time red-black midrange. Four Liliana’s must have been great in the meta. Kalitas and Walking Ballistas are no slouches either. This is the most likely deck I’ll play next FNM out of these.

There’s also a bit lower to the ground version of this, which plays a set of Gifted Aetherborns and Glint-Sleeve Siphoners.

Okay, okay. It’s not all red. Here’s one mono-black deck, although there’s no black creatures in the 20. I guess when Shock seems to be much more popular than Magma Spray, Matter Reshaper and Scrapheap Scrounger are pretty good.

My favorite colors are doing well. Shit. Does that mean I have to play something else?

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