‘Born of the Gods’ Wish List

Born of the Gods is just around the corner and the preview season has once again started. Its not in full force just yet, but will probably be next week, so its a good time to look at what we’d want from the set. Problem here is that its the middle set, so we can’t really know what to expect as some of the cream of the block will undoubtedly be in the Journey into Nyx. I can still wish, though.

Now that we have a Simic (or Kruphex) planeswalker, we can cross that one off the list, but there are other things I would really like to see. I don’t necessarily expect to see any of these, but that’s not the point.

1. Great Kruphex. Simic doesn’t have a lot of commanders and those we have are not really my style (as if I had any style). [scryfall]Experiment Kraj[/scryfall] and [scryfall]Vorel of the Hull Clade[/scryfall] require really strict building around them. [scryfall]Momir Vig, Simic Visionary[/scryfall] is cool, but requires a lot of testing and work beforehand to get him to work smoothly and without taking too much time. I used to have a decklist available when playing him, just so I could plan ahead. [scryfall]Edric, Spymaster of Trest[/scryfall] draws a lot of hate, and [scryfall]Prime Speaker Zegana[/scryfall] isn’t necessarily that far behind. Edric doesn’t necessarily fit that well into the battlecruiser spirit of EDH (not that I necessarily subscribe to that, but others do, and I should respect that… a little) and I’ve just played enough of Zegana at this point. So, I’m hoping for a great new commander.

2. Good heroic enablers for black, and maybe one good heroic creature also. [scryfall]Agent of the Fates[/scryfall] seems like a great card, but the problem is that there aren’t enablers in black that are worth it without the Agent on board. On the other hand, I can’t put those enablers into a standard deck if there isn’t enough heroic creatures. I know Lauri has been mulling over the idea of a similar monoblack deck and he’d appreciate the help as well.

3. Legendary hero in my colors (black, blue, green, not necessarily all of them), besides the minor gods. There were plenty of legendary creatures in Theros (13 all in all), but many of them don’t feel like good commanders, besides the gods, which I like very much, especially [scryfall]Thassa, God of the Sea[/scryfall]. Some strange new, but usable commander would be nice.

4. More Gorgons. I’m not expecting to get my full EDH Tribal deck by the end of this block, but a few good ones would be appreciated. I don’t really know what I’d cut from my [scryfall]Sisters of Stone Death[/scryfall] deck to accommodate them, but I’m sure I’d find something.

5. Something to give me a better curve for my RDW Block Constructed deck. Obviously block constructed is always going to have its problems with lack of cards, but right now my curve is very highly concentrated on the top of curve, mostly cmc 4. Partly this is because I haven’t put any tix (we’re talking MTGO here) on [cards]Stormbreath Dragon[/cards]s, but that would only worsen the problem with the curve.

I’ve already given up all hope on a new monoblack planeswalker, because of the five planeswalkers in each block, three were in Theros and one is Kiora. The fifth seems to be Ajani based on some spoiled art, so no chance of that.

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