EDH Deck Time: Thrasios + Eligeth

Eligeth seems like a commander I would enjoy, but where to find a good partner? There’s two other potential partners that have the word scry printed on them, so that does limit certain aspects quite a bit. Thrasios seems like the better one simply due to the extra color, although the activated ability of Thrasios has limited utilty with Eligeth, as the ramping aspect is more random than usual if you draw the first card instead of scry.

I guess we should play a bunch of cards that scry.

That’s 29 cards… or almost half of the spells in the deck. In fact, if there weren’t two lands in there, they would be half of the spells in the deck. Gladly, they do have other text besides scry. Well, at least most of them. They are also helpful, because we lack mana sources in this deck. I’ve only left room for 40 lands and there isn’t basically any ramp, which means that often you have to play your cantrips early to make sure you hit those land drops.

However, we need to win games as well… at least some of the time, so let’s put other stuff in as well. I’m not going to push this, so I’ve put in some disruption and a lot of cards I just like.

Disruption and interaction

Just random card draw and other stuff to make the early game smoother.

Otherwise, just a bunch of bodies. There is a clone there here, because I find that it works well in many environments, as it sort of automatically balances your deck (to a certain limit, at least) against the field. You are bringing those big bombs only if your opponent brings them first.

A lot of creatures in the deck, so if you end up going with such a build, do remember not to overextend. Also, I seem to have some cards which are outside of my usual budgetary limits, so I don’t mind if you just leave Uro out. It’s a stupid card anyhow.

All this leaves room for 38 lands plus the two mentioned above. As usual (in my articles), just use what you have.

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