Ixalan Brews, pt. 9 – Looking for Orazca

Back in the day, a long, long time ago, Icy Manipulator was a great card, because you could use it to force an opponent to play more than one threat, so you could gain value from Wrath of God. These days the ole Icy is long gone, but we do have Gideon of the Trials and now Thaumatic Compass.

You still need to get over the initial hump, which might not be easy, because the amount of efficient removal seems to be at a local minimum. We might even have to think about using cards such as Compulsory Rest or Impeccaple Timing. Not really something you would like to do, but there we are. There is Skywhaler’s Shot and Cast Out, but they are pretty expensive. Ixalan has Slash of Talons, which might be fairly strong in a meta full of Monored (which might be the situation where we end up, because dealing with Hazoret, the Fervent seems pretty difficult without Stasis Snare or Grasp of Darkness).

On the other hand, maybe our control deck should be white-red instead of white-blue, as is the norm. Then we would have access to other good removal.

The matchup against blue-based control decks is pretty bad, but otherwise, I don’t really know.

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