My Favorite Decks from Pro Tour Eldritch Moon

Here’s a hint: Not all of the decks in the Top 8 are the best ones. Often the players 6-0 their drafts and then scramble their way into the top 8 with a mediocre deck backed by a great player and some luck. Remember Jon Finkel’s result in Pro Tour SOI? No one else managed to do anything with that deck. Remember the Monoblack Devotion from a few years back? At the end of its run, it was having around 40% win percentage, but since so many people played it, someone always did well with it and it always seemed to be on the top. So, maybe you shouldn’t go with the “big” deck.

On the other hand, if you scour the lists, you’ll find hidden gems that can attack the metagame from a different angle. There just aren’t that many players playing them, so they don’t get the spotlight they might deserve. Maybe there are great decks that have fallen out of favor, but are still great (there was a player, who went 9-1 with pretty basic Wr Humans at the PT).

Here’s a few decks I liked:

Pedro Carvalho’s Izzet (9-1 points)

This might not be Ravnica, but I think the Izzet would approve of Thermo-Alchemist’s work. I’m not a fan of Jace and I don’t really like playing Tormenting Voice in a format with Spell Queller (although it didn’t make as big a splash as one would have thought), but otherwise this is a nice burn deck with some nice blue additions.

Also note Nahiri’s Wrath, Goldnight Castigator and Weaver of Lightning in the sideboard.

Nick Ball’s Naya Legends Toolbox (7-2-1 points)

We saw Thalia’s Lieutenant moonlight with the legendary angels in a white-black control deck, but here they have widened their field to bunch of other cards. Is Sigarda good here? I don’t know, but there must be situations where it is, so you have pretty good access to it.

Surrak definitely isn’t getting enough love.

Yuki Matsumoto’s Four-Color Dredge (7-2-1)

Funnily enough, the deck can’t even cast the four main deck Kozilek’s Return. The mana seems horrible to me, but apparently it sort of works, or maybe Matsumoto was the one player who managed to make it work.

Daniel Cathro’s Almost Monoblack Zombies (6-3-1)

Ondrej Strasky did better with a deck with more blue in it, but since I always enjoy monocolored deck, I decided to highlight this deck instead. I especially like the Sinister Concoctions, which I haven’t had the balls to pull the trigger on my self yet.

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